UPDATED - A Breeze of Good Deeds #19: For Lysander's Heart

Kids are supposed to be a picture of playfulness. They should feel the warmth of a sunny day and enjoy dancing in the rain. But not all kids have been given the chance to enjoy their childhood. I was always sick growing up. My parents always recall how I was left behind in the hospital when I was born. I grew up taking care of myself, knowing what medicine to take and when to ask for help. Now, I am not scared of needles probably because I got used to them as a kid. I am still sickly but I am still fortunate that I still get to enjoy the things that life offers. But not everybody is given the same chance that I am now enjoying.

I hope you will help me make this possible for Lysander, a one-year old boy born with a congenital heart disease. His family is trying very hard to raise ONE MILLION PESOS for his medical bills and his upcoming operation on January 2011. Family and friends have joined hands in saving this little angel.

I came to know Lysander through her aunt Lore. We used to work together before she left the company a few months ago. She has the most contagious laughter that every time I hear it, I can’t help but giggle even if I don’t know what was making her laugh. I know that Lysander will grow up to be as jolly and cheerful as her aunt. And I know that this will be possible with everybody’s help.

They are selling bracelets and necklaces to raise funds. Christmas is just around the corner so these are nice gift suggestions. Donations are also very much welcomed. Account details are as follows:

Liwayway G. Cabrera
Account No. 0920258190
Banco De Oro
Malolos Congreso Branch (Bulacan)

Once you've deposited the amount, please e-mail welovelysander@gmail.com so the family can acknowledge your contribution.

To all my readers and blogger friends, let’s make use of the power of the World Wide Web. And let us prove that it is not only a tool for knowledge but also for compassion.

Please make some time to visit the following links:
Save Lysander's Heart Items
Bracelets for Lysander
We Love Lysander Blog

I mentioned before that I have a surprise for my avid followers. I was supposed to give out this giveaways but I decided to just have these auctioned and donate the proceeds to Lysander’s family. Please be aware that I bought the products from the US and are not in any way sponsored.

The highest bidder will get the following:

Travel-friendly Garnier To-Go Kit (shampoo, conditioner, towelettes and hair spray)
Revlon Illuminance Crème Shadow
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Pink Pout Shade)
Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer
Chapstick (Strawberry)
Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover
Bath and Body Works Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist

Update as of November 18: Louanne, the same person behind the beautiful bracelets for Lysander told me that she'll include this in my "giveaways" :)

Update as of November 21: We now reached PHP2500! Thanks to all who have already placed their bids. As promised, I am adding one more item to my "giveaways" - a pink Fossil sunglasses.

To join the auction:
1. You must be from the Philippines. I can’t afford overseas shipping. :(
2. You must be a follower of jE's AnAtOmY on Facebook. Just LIKE the page if you are not yet a follower.
3. Post your bid in your profile by tagging jE's AnAtOmY and the link to this post. Please don't forget to attach the link so other people will get to know this effort for Lysander.

Your post should look like this:

I want to help Lysander by bidding PHP500 in @jE's AnAtOmY

Double-check that your bid has been posted in jE's AnAtOmY. If not, check your Facebook privacy settings. I actually had a hard time figuring this out but I think you have to set your privacy settings to have your posts viewable by everyone. :)

4. Bids should go by 100s. Bidding starts at 500 so the next bid should AT LEAST be 600 then 700 and so on.
5. You can bid as many times as you want if somebody else has "outbidded" you. :)
6. The highest bidder by November 26, 2010 10:00pm gets the items above. As soon as I get the proof that the donation has been made, I'll have the items shipped. Shipping is on me! :)

*** I'll give away consolation prizes to two lucky bidders! One bid gives you one chance to win. :)

Please don't join the auction if you are not serious on purchasing the above items. If you are not interested in the above products, I'll appreciate if you visit the other sites above or just post them in your blogs or Facebook accounts.

Bidding STARTS NOW! :)

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