Room 139

Room 139 was my second home during my three-month stay in Minnesota. Most of my co-assignees had rooms in the second and third floors so I was left all by myself in the first floor for quite some time. I had a medium-sized air-conditioned room that had almost everything I needed for my stay. A large comfy bed sits at the center of the room facing a television. If I wasn’t out with the crew, I just stayed at my room watching TV.

The boys loved to sit on their couches while watching TV but I never used mine. I don't know why but instead, I put my bag containing all my dirty clothes on top of my couch. I actually took all the photos on my last day. I was already busy packing my things so my room was quite a mess. :)

I usually place my laptop at a side table. Just across it is my dining table. My co-assignees usually drop by my room where we share dinners and late snacks. Popcorn with root beer is really AWESOME!

But I have to say that the kitchen was my favorite part of the room. My mom is a great cook so I have no chance to use our kitchen at home. There was definitely non-stop chopping, boiling and sizzling at my kitchen. This part of my room was the sole witness to my innate cooking prowess. :p

The hotel staff was really amazing. Two of the four receptionists are Filipinos so we really felt at home and taken care of. I actually have a new found friend. Debbie was my housekeeper who treated me more than just a guest. We exchanged notes on Wednesdays when she comes to clean my room and we still try to keep in touch through Facebook.

I am now enjoying the comforts of my own room but there are really times that I miss Room 139 - my home away from home, the place that taught me important lessons on independence and the place where new friendships began. :)

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