Big Buddha

I still have to work on a few posts from my US trip but I’ll start to squeeze in some of the more recent events before I start to forget them. :)

As soon as I went back, Boyet and I started to contact and meet some of our prospective wedding suppliers. We were scheduled to meet a photographer in Greenbelt at three in the afternoon so we already had lunch before we left. So I was so surprised when Boyet told me that he wants to eat again. He said that we haven’t had a date in three months so that convinced me even if I was still full. We just walked along Greenbelt 3 and our feet led us to Big Buddha.

Just like in Superbowl of China, each table gets to enjoy a bowl of their crispy prawn crackers. I am actually not sure if it was prawn or fish crackers because I don’t know the difference. I actually like munching these starters which is a good way to warm up my jaw before entering a chewing battle. And besides, who does not want free treats to start a meal? :)

IMG_2876 Complimentary Prawn Crackers

We first got a plate of fried spring rolls. It was good but there was nothing extraordinary about it. Actually, I would have not paid PHP90 for a lumpia given that those sold in a carinderia for PHP10 can compete to the taste. But I still liked it given the fact that I ate a lot of pizzas and burgers in the US so a serving of vegetables was very welcomed.

IMG_2879 Crispy Fried Spring Rolls PHP90

Since we already had lunch, rice was definitely out on our table. So Boyet decided to get a bowl of wanton soup instead. Served on a triangular bowl were a number of dumplings, which I really missed because I haven’t had one (at least our version of siomai) for months. I actually enjoyed the wanton soup but it wasn’t hot enough for us. We also appreciated that they gave us additional clear soup when we asked for it.

IMG_2883Shrimp Wanton Noodle Soup PHP190

It actually felt great to finally share another meal with my original food trip buddy. So I still savored every bite even if my tummy felt like bursting. :)

Big Buddha
Level 2 Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati


  1. Awwww...I guess it's really true that ordinary food becomes extra special when shared with the one you love :) and now I'm missing my food trip buddy too! :(

  2. yup konti na lang hehe :p


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