Sculpture Garden

I am now home after a 3-month US assignment but there are still a lot of posts that I need to work on. Instead of being overwhelmed with all the backlogs, I’ll just try my best to do one entry at a time. :)

Our first attempt to go park-hopping failed but it did not stop us from seeing the beauty of Minneapolis. We went back to the Sculpture Garden one Friday afternoon and luckily weather was on our side.

Probably the most famous of the sculptures is the Spoonbridge and Cherry. It was raining the first time I saw it so I didn’t realize that it is actually a water sculpture. I’ve seen photos of it during winter but it is just as beautiful during fall. :)

Tourists and locals take turns in getting a chance to pose in front of the sculpture so we immediately took photos when we finally got the chance.

There are a lot of life-size artworks in the park. Aside from the Spoonbridge and Cherry, this is also my favorite. Our creative and wacky sides showed as we pose in front of the camera.


There was also a long flower garden housed in a vine-covered arc and a conservatory with a giant glass fish and a wishing well inside. I don’t know anything about art so I just passed by some of the artworks which would probably entice the art enthusiasts. After minutes of walking, we rested on what's called a seat-leg table which made sitting quite a challenge for me. @_@


The park becomes more beautiful on late afternoons. It offers a site of the tall buildings as a backdrop for the trees in the garden.


The bridge that connects the Loring and Sculpture gardens also give a view of the rushing cars going to and from the downtown Minneapolis. The fluffy clouds and gloomy light from the setting sun hyped up our moods in taking pictures.


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