Matt’s Bar and the Legend of the Jucy Lucy

I’ve heard of Jucy Lucy a lot of times because Lloyd could not stop talking about it. I initially thought it was the name of the restaurant. He later on told us that it is a type of cheeseburger. We finally paid the place a visit one Friday night.

We already passed by the restaurant but there was another GPS blooper which made us doubt if that was the correct place. Although I already recognized it from the photos in their website, we decided to ask some locals just to make sure.

JV: Hi, do you know where Matt’s Bar is?
Guy: Yeah! Blah blah blah (pointing at the direction)
Lloyd and Je: Tanungin mo ko yun yung may Jucy Lucy!
JV: Is that the one with the Jucy Lucy?
Guy: Yes.
JV: Thanks!

That's what you call TEAMWORK! Haha! :)

The place was jam-packed and we had to fall in line just to get our seats. Zel and I needed to use the restroom so we explored the place while the rest was still in line. Their restrooms are located in the basement which gave us the feeling that we were in a horror movie. What really startled us is the fact that there is only one room for the girls with two toilet bowls! There’s nothing to separate the two and the room has only one door. I kept on laughing because I really couldn’t figure out the logic behind the two toilet bowls. Maybe it’s for moms and daughters, or maybe the other toilet bowl serves as a backup just in case the other one clogs up. Haha! Ok, this is not the best introduction for a food entry.

DSC_0303French Fries USD4.50

We shared two orders of perfectly cooked and seasoned French fries. I actually enjoyed it more than the Fresh French Fries from the state fair. While waiting for the Jucy Lucy, Lloyd revealed the history behind it. Jucy Lucy is actually a type of burger with cheese sandwiched and cooked between the two patties. According to Lloyd, there are two restaurants claiming to serve the original Jucy Lucy, the other one is 5-8 Club. They spell theirs as Juicy Lucy. According to Wikipedia, their motto is "If it's spelled right, it's done right." While Matt’s Bar says, "If it's spelled correctly, you're at the wrong place."

After minutes of chatting, the burgers finally arrived with a warning from the server that the cheese is hot. Notice the oozing cheese in the Jucy Lucy. I think everybody enjoyed their burgers. The beef patties were juicy and the melted stuffed cheese made my first try memorable.

DSC_0308Jucy Lucy USD USD5.15

There is nothing fancy with Matt’s Bar. It is a decent place to grab a drink and mouth-watering burgers. Their menu is limited but the prices are really affordable. Although I read online that you can choose your cheese in 5-8 Club, I don’t think I still have the chance to try it so I can’t make a comparison. But I can finally say that I’ve already tried the JUCY LUCY. For now, JUICY LUCY is one big mystery for me.

Matt's Bar
3500 Cedar Ave S,
Minneapolis, MN


  1. Mmm, looks like that burger really is juicy. What a fun name, lol. :-)

  2. Yeah, Jucy Lucy is juicy. Haha! :)

  3. Hmmm.. alam ko dati, nabanggit yan sa history class namin na during spanish era sa Pinas, meron talagang two toilets in one room. And they use it even while conducting meetings hahaha!

    teka maresearch nga haha!


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