Mickey’s Dining Car

Henry sent me a PM asking me if I know the movie Mighty Ducks. Of course I know it! I’ve watched it countless of times when I was a kid making Joshua Jackson as one of my childhood crushes. Anyway, he told me that some scenes from the Mighty Ducks movies were shot in a famous diner in St. Paul, Minnesota. Days before he said this, I told myself that I won’t let my US assignment come to an end without trying to eat in a diner that serves greasy food, milk shakes in tall glasses and waitresses serving in roller blades. So when I’ve heard of Mickey’s Diner, I immediately told my co-assignees and they were all keen to the idea of trying it out.

We arrived in St. Paul just in time for brunch. With a little help from GPS, Mickey’s Diner is not hard to notice. Who can’t spot an old dining car with glittery bold letters?

The place is a little small so we had to wait for a few minutes to be seated. Everything in the place is fast-paced. We could hear men in aprons flipping burgers, the sizzling of the hot pan and customers chatting with each other. Servers rush from one place to another, but just not in roller blades as I imagined.

I definitely got what I came for – a greasy plate. Who cares?! Haha! I got a breakfast plate with two tasty sausages, scrambled eggs, hash brown and toasted bread. The hash brown was the least of my favorite but I enjoyed the rest of the meal. The flavorful sausages matched the perfectly-cooked eggs. I enjoyed the toasted bread the most because I could taste the sweet and
salty butter spread which expels from the bread to my hand with my every bite. :)

I can’t remember how much my food cost but I remember paying $10 for the breakfast plate, a glass of lemonade and the TIP.

Mickey's Dining Car
36 W. 7th Street,
St. Paul MN


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