A Day in St. Paul

Minneapolis and St. Paul make up Minnesota’s the Twin Cities. It is just approximately a 30-minute drive from our hotel in the city of Eagan. So after a lip-smacking brunch at Mickey’s Diner, we decided to roam around St. Paul.

DSC_0327 Lawson in St. Paul

The first thing I noticed was the presence of a lot of Peanuts characters statues. This is no longer a surprise since its creator Charles Monroe Schulz was born in Minneapolis and grew up in St. Paul. :)

Our first stop was the Landmark Center. We were just a bit disappointed because the museum is closed on Saturdays. We still went inside and we were greeted by a simple setup which was apparently for a wedding ceremony. There was nothing much to see so I just took photos of the beautiful facade of the old-fashioned building.

We walked on our way to the Science Museum of Minnesota. We didn’t pay on our first visit so we just made out the most of the free stuff. I personally enjoyed the piano stairs. We were like kids going up and down the stairs as each step makes a sound.

We went back the following week to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, the museum’s highlight. Unfortunately, people were already barred from the human maze which we wanted to see up close during our first visit.

We then faced a very LONG walk to get to the Cathedral of Saint Paul. We could see the cathedral from afar making us think that the walk would be easy. But we were definitely mistaken.

The cathedral’s interior is magnificent. A wedding had just concluded so we were able to witness their picture-taking session. What’s funny is that we were making a story out of the couple and their visitors. We were just reminded after a while that we were inside a church! Haha!

Our last stop is certainly my favorite. We passed by Candyland, a store with all types of chocolates, candies, pop corns and everything else that caters to those with a sweet tooth. I went inside the store and my eyes feasted on the different colors of sweet treats. Kids and the kids at heart lined up inside the store to enjoy the sugar rush. We bought some candies which was a perfect way to end our day in St. Paul.



  1. What a lovely place! And statues, they're all so cute! Wish I could get there, too, someday hehe..:)

  2. haha! ayoko naman pumunta diyan for work. if ever pupunta ako for vacation siyempre :p


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