What is the smallest and funniest falls?

Answer: Minnehaha Falls

Corny much! Hahaha! It was actually a running joke among us here. Minnehaha then became Minnehaha-haha and then Minne-minne-haha-hahahahaha! If a dime was given to me each time that joke was cracked, I’d probably be able to buy myself a Coach bag! We laughed each time somebody mentioned it but eventually grew tired of the joke until it died a natural death. Haha!

Finding the Minnehaha Park was also a joke. We relied on our GPS which led us to a residential area. And it instructed us to stopped in the middle of the road without a waterfall in sight. Thank God for the friendly pizza delivery guy who gave us directions.

The park was crowded because everybody was taking advantage of the summer season. We had to go down via stairs just to get a closer look of the falls. Red said that it was called Minnehaha because it’s so small (mini) and you can’t help but laugh (haha) because of its size when you see it.

For me, it wasn’t bad at all. It wasn't a fair battle for Minnehaha Park considering that we came there after seeing the Canal Park and Rose Garden in Duluth. I still enjoyed it because it served as a reminder for me that the best things in life are still free. I was so used to going to the malls or paying a fortune for an overnight stay in a resort back in the Philippines so a quick stroll at the park on a cool afternoon is priceless.


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