Ours and Theirs: McDonald's and Burger King

When I came here, I promised myself to try as much restaurants as I can skipping those which we already have back home. But I couldn’t help but be curious to know the difference between ours and theirs.

We’ve been to McDonald’s and the first thing I noticed was the absence of rice and spaghetti. They also don’t have fried chicken and only have chicken nuggets instead.

I got a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a strawberry shake. Their beef patty is juicier and tastes way better than ours. It tastes like real beef and I had the feeling that it does not have any extenders unlike what we have back home.

I also had the chance to try Burger King twice when we were in Albertville. My conclusion is the same with McDonald's. Their burger patty is moist and full of flavor. I never liked Burger King back home because I find the patty too dry and bland.

DSC_0099Bacon Double Cheeseburger USD5.33

I think I have been eating too much hamburgers since I came here. Their burgers are irresistible so I won’t be surprised if I am already gaining some unnecessary pounds. Nyaha! :)

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