Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar

An officemate recommended three of Minnesota State Fair’s bestsellers. We were so smart not to keep in mind a single thing but the crowd certainly made a statement loud enough to make us remember the suggestions. We were able to try Fresh French Fries but failed to buy the famous corn dogs from Pronto Pups.

But I must admit that I saw almost everybody holding the same thing – a pail! I got so curious so I ended up taking a peek at what’s written in the bucket. I later on found out that everybody was going crazy over Sweet Martha’s Cookies. We attempted to grab a pail of this sweet treat but the line was unbelievable! We saw another booth on our way to the exit but the crowd lining up to get some cookies was just the same.

I went home thinking that I probably missed the best cookies in the USA. A few days after, Red told me that he’s going back to the fair with his teammates. I immediately begged him to buy me a bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies.

He knocked on my door that night showing me this!

He refused the USD15 payment I was giving him because according to him, it was a return for the favor I did for his girlfriend a few days ago. Nice!

I was not mistaken. It’s the best cookie I’ve ever tasted. Martha’s cookies are moist and chewy. Its sweetness is incomparable with the other cookies. It actually gave me the idea that each cookie is just crystallized brown sugar with chocolate chips.

I instantly went to Google to check where I can purchase the cookies. I just feel bad because they are just being sold during the fair. But I may be mistaken. I hope I am. I found out though that local groceries sell the cookie dough. I’m definitely taking home some!


  1. je, allergic ako sa chocolate chips.. pero kung bibigyan moko, hindi ako tatanggi! ang sarap naman nyan! :D

  2. allergic sa chocolate chips?! booo!!! hahaha!


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