Minnesota State Fair

Somebody told us that the Minnesota State Fair is the mother of all fairs. My co-assignees attested to that statement because according to them, it is definitely larger and cooler than the other fairs they’ve been to.

The fair offered 12 days of non-stop fun from August 26 until Labor Day, September 6. We drove one humid Saturday to St. Paul to get to a free parking lot which was also a pick-up point for free buses that took us to the fair.

As soon as we entered the fair, we headed to the barn with different kinds of animals. Kids loved the fact that they could interact with the animals. I was also as delighted as they were when I got the chance to touch some of the furry creatures.

There were TV screens inside the barn which showed footage of animals giving birth. I was just a little frustrated because we weren’t able to witness one live. Although I think it was favorable for me because I might actually throw up when I see it.

A fair will not be complete without the cool rides, some of which are for daredevils and definitely not for the weak-hearted like me. I was just amused because there were some kids who were brave enough to try these rides that I don’t even imagine trying.

The fair is a hundred times bigger and better than our local perya. Imagine the crowd in North Cemetery during All Saints’ Day and that’s probably the number of people that we had to brave that day. Add the scorching heat of the sun to the experience. These things make up for a perfect setting for a food trip!

A colleague suggested we try Fresh French Fries. We saw two stalls, both of which were jam-packed! I noticed a sign in the booth saying that their French fries is voted as the #1 French fries in America. We also tried fried vegetables and a large cup of ice-cold root beer.

After half a day at the fair, my feet hurt and my tummy felt like bursting after too much eating. It wasn’t an easy experience but I felt like a kid again just for that day.


  1. je, where's the food? i wanna see! toinks gutom!! i like your shirt ♥

  2. hindi na kayo umabot sa panganganak ng mga baka at baboy dyan? mapapanood nyo dapat yun ng live e. hehe.

  3. @dianne, because this is not a food entry haha. truth is, sobrang init and gutom na ko so di na ko nag-picture ng mga kinain ko :p

    @biboy, hindi na nga e. sayang :( hapon na kasi kami dumating.


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