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The idea of having a buffet in Ketucky Fried Chicken made me really excited. KFC is my favorite place to go to whenever I have fried chicken cravings. I read online though that not all branches here have buffets. But luck is definitely on our side because the branch near us offers an $8 buffet until 8 pm.

We arrived at KFC a few minutes before eight and they were supposed to close the buffet table. They normally give one clean plate at a time but we were given two so we could get everything we like before they wrap up the buffet table.

The table has two parts. I wasn’t interested in the salad bar because I felt it would just be a waste of my $8 so I headed for the real treats!

Just like what we have back home, they have two kinds of chicken – regular and spicy. The buffet also has muffins, carrots, corn and mashed potato. My personal favorites are the fried okra and the beans. I don’t know what the dessert was but it had apple sauce on it. It was nice but a little too sweet.

I tried almost everything. I got one of both the regular and spicy chickens. The value for food was worth it. But in my personal opinion, our KFC in the Philippines is way better. The service may not be equivalent but we at least rock in terms of the taste of the food. I love (and terribly miss) the salty breading of the regular fried chicken and the zesty red powder coating the spicy ones.

Our gravy is also tastier. I actually miss the thermos moving around and the people tending to pour a lot of the gravy including on top of their rice because the gravy would be harder to get back once it goes to another table. Haha!

Kentucky Fried Chicken
1287 Town Centre Drive
Eagan, MN


  1. i super agree :) Mas masarap ang KFC sa Philippines :p pero d ko pa natry ung sa US :D :p

  2. i never did enjoy foods in the US kahit buffet I remembered I've only eaten 1 chicken and salad when I ate at kfc buffet hehe, lugi sa akin mga buffet dun. panlasang pinoy talaga ako at iba pagkasama mo sweety mo and family mageat mas ginaganahan ako.

  3. @u8mypinkc00kies - thanks for always dropping by! :)

    @Joie - Ang sarap ng maalat na breading at magawgaw na gravy sa atin :p

    @Mei - Yeah, nothing beats Pinoy food! :)


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