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Is there a better way to end the day than watching the sun set and having a luscious dinner afterward?

We are fortunate enough to be staying in a place which is just a five-minute drive away from the town center. Well, emphasis on the word DRIVE because walking is such an entirely different story. I remember my first day when we had to walk for 20 minutes or so with groceries in our hands while drivers couldn’t help but stare at us in amazement. It felt so weird because we were the only people walking with the deafening sound of fast cars as our background.

The town center offers a unique shopping experience for people within the neighborhood. The place also has almost everything you can imagine – groceries, pharmacies, specialty stores, a bookstore and lots of restaurants.

A colleague suggested that we try Noodles & Company. You can choose from an array of noodle dishes. Their menu spans from American, Asian and up to Mediterranean. Customers have the luxury to mix and match the toppings and side dishes to cater to different types of palates.

They have meals which include salad or soup, pasta/noodles and toppings of your choice. It was a cold night so I went ahead to get a bowl of Thai Curry Soup. I am a fan of spicy foods so sipping a boiling spicy soup was a treat for me. The herbs added distinct flavors and aroma to the soup. It was a nice way to jumpstart a full meal.

DSC_1072Thai Curry Soup

I chose from the American menu and settled for the Wisconsin Mac and Cheese. I decided that meatballs would definitely match my choice. The overflowing cheese goes well with the meatballs which definitely taste like real meat. I’ve tasted some meatballs made from extenders and bread crumbs. Hehe!

I made one major booboo because I thought that the smaller serving would not be enough for me. I ended up eating just a quarter of my pasta and took home the leftovers. The meal was a bit pricey but the big serving allowed me to have mac and cheese for lunch and dinner the following day.

DSC_1078Wisconsin Mac and Cheese USD9.11

Noodles & Company
1340 Town Centre Dr and Denmark
Eagan, MN

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