Canal Park and Lake Superior

All of my officemates who have already been in our Minnesota office told me not to miss going to two places – Albertville and Duluth. We've already been to Albertville so Duluth was next on our list. It also happened to be the only wish of our co-assignee Marc so we braved a three-hour drive to get to Duluth. We all agreed that it was definitely worth all the troubles.

Duluth is a port city in Minnesota. Again, I didn’t know what to expect except what I was told that the largest lake which is Lake Superior is in Duluth. And somebody told me to bring a jacket because it’s definitely colder.

While looking for a place to park our car, my eyes feasted over the old restaurants and shops along the road. It was as if we were traveled back in the past. A colleague gave us a list of places to go to and Canal Park was our first stop after our lunch at Famous Dave’s.

The place was crowded but it has managed to retain its tranquility. I was awed because I see it as a place where the grass is greener and the skies are bluer.

I found it soothing as I strolled along the lakewalk while the cool breeze blows. But others found comfort by riding these.




A great view of the awesome Lake Superior just took my breath away. As a proof that the place is really nice, we even saw a newlywed couple who made the park as a venue for their post wedding pictorial.



Another attraction is the Aerial Lift Bridge. Everybody stops to take pictures as the bridge raises when a boat passes. On the other hand, the passengers cheerfully wave to the cameras.

I am not really a fan of museums but I felt like a child on a field trip when we went inside the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center. Visitors are welcome to come for free. The museum houses replicas of boats, cabins, the lift bridge and other cool stuff. Storytellers are also around to cater to eager kids. The museum has also a great view of the lift bridge. But I am confident to say that all of us enjoyed a particular place inside the museum. I’ll just post my picture because I might get into trouble if I post theirs.


I don’t know why but there is a common thing that we do no matter what group I am with. I still haven’t perfected the art of jump shots but my hair is finally learning!



One of my frustrations though was not being able to come near the lighthouse. I saw how crowded it was even from a distance so I just took a picture of it from afar.



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