Famous Dave’s

I came here with no plan at all. My friends told me to research on places and restaurants to go to but I wasn’t able to do so. Just like what I said in my previous posts, I just go here with the flow. It’s quite nice to just prep for a weekend escape without going through the troubles of planning and organizing just like what I used to do in Manila.

A few weeks ago, all of us went to an extraordinary road trip. Duluth is one of the most awesome places I have seen in my entire life. I’ll have a separate post for that. For now I’ll share a gastronomic feast we had before seeing all the eye candies just by walking in Duluth.

It was a three-hour drive from Eagan so we were all hungry when we arrived. There are a lot of restaurants to choose from. We were about to enter an Italian restaurant when Zel saw a sign bearing a familiar name – Famous Dave’s. She already told us when we were in Mall of America that one of our clients tipped her to try out Famous Dave’s.

Its interior is dim but not gloomy. We were welcomed by a very pretty and friendly wait staff. Well, Minnesota is such a friendly state. :)

Pig caricatures are everywhere since Famous Dave’s is famous for its southern-style barbecue. It has also won many awards as evident in the trophies displayed.

Their menu offers a variety of choices. It was nice though that we were able to try almost everything they have in a single order.


Five of us indulged over their All American BBQ Feast – spareribs, chicken, beef brisket, coleslaw, fries, beans, corn and muffins. Visiting Famous Dave’s is not complete without trying their ribs which I think is the star in this platter.

DSC_0767All American BBQ Feast USD56.99

We enjoyed everything. We initially thought that we might be able to bring home some leftovers but we were wrong. We finished everything up to the last bite.

We savored the tender beef and flavorful whole chicken. Both of which matched the sweet beans, fries and coleslaw. The spareribs were my favorite especially if dipped in their special sauces. Their sauces cater to what your taste buds crave for - sweet, sour, salty and spicy.

I am a lover of muffins! Theirs is as good as their ribs haha!

We were so full after lunch so I started to feel a little dizzy and sleepy. The heavy lunch was needed to fuel us up for all the walking and sightseeing afterward.

Famous Dave's
355 Lake Avenue South
Duluth, MN


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