We are still MAJOR MAJOR proud of you!

Venus Raj placed 4th in the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant. I haven’t watched one until yesterday because it is usually shown early morning in the Philippines. But I was able to watch it live since I am here in the US. Venus became a household name making herself visible in television because of the threat to strip her off her Bb. Pilipinas title due to inconsistencies in her birth records. She fought a gracious battle which led her to the Miss Universe pageant.

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I was screaming and jumping until she made it to the top 5. And then there was the Q&A. What happened after that overshadowed the other controversies that she’s been through.

William Baldwin: What is one big mistake you made in your life and what did you do to make it right?

Venus Raj: (Greetings… smile…) In my 22 years of existence, there is no major, major problem that I have done in my life because I am very confident with my family and the love that they have given to me.

And that MAJOR MAJOR answer became viral in all social networking sites. I think she was trying to translate word by word so that didn’t come out well. She might be finding the right word for “bonggang bongga” or “super duper”.

When we came here, one of the common question asked to us is, "Do they teach English in your schools? Your English is very good." So that might be the problem. We are taught well so making a grammatical error or talking nonsense in English is a crime. Yes, we are overcritical.

Venus, we are still proud of you! English is not our native language so it’s okay. That’s also a sign that you are a real Filipino. Remember that we name our kids Len-Len, Ten-Ten, Boy-Boy and the likes. And repeating words is our way to emphasize something that's why we love using “very very”, “super super”, “over over” and “long long”. So the addition of “major major” in our vocabulary is very much welcomed. ;-)

Just today, I heard Americans talking about it saying that Miss Philippines had a great shot at the title. And based from their conversation, the problem wasn’t the MAJOR MAJOR. They said that she could have worded it differently. I am not sure whether she lost because her message wasn’t clear or the judges were given the idea that Venus thinks she is perfect for not committing a mistake (although she mentioned problem). But no matter what, it’s not because of the MAJOR MAJOR. Or at least I think of that.

To those people telling us to stop making fun of her, loosen up! I mean yeah, there are mean people who manage to find just her flaws and not her victory. But I speak for myself and the others who still take pride of Venus’ triumph. Laughing at her MAJOR MAJOR booboo does not mean that we are not proud of her or that we are making fun of her. When she didn’t bag the crown, it does not mean that she lost as Venus. We lost as a country. And this is how Filipinos handle defeat. We laugh at ourselves. We laugh at our mistakes. Even Venus did. So why can't you?

We haven’t had a Miss Universe for a long time. Miriam Quiambao almost had it more than a decade ago so imagine our thirst for the crown. Thus it is but a normal reaction because we almost had it. We were so close. Yes, she could have given a better answer knowing of her humble beginnings and the troubles she had been through just to make to the Miss Universe pageant. Our reaction is definitely not formed out of hatred because she didn’t win, or because we think she’s stupid. I hope you realize that we are humble winners but we are cheerful losers (although bagging the 4th place is not bad at all).

Being seen by millions of viewers all over the world is difficult. She may be rattled and nervous. So to the next Bb. Pilipinas, grab a book after your modeling class. Read the newspaper while your hair is being done. And more than training on being glamorous, learn how to handle pressure.

Venus, you did not disgrace us. What happened in Manila the day before the pageant is far more humiliating than your answer. Because of that, we thank you. You brought joy and pride to the mourning hearts of our fellow Filipinos. That made us MAJOR MAJOR happy! :)

We are not conceited. You can’t tell us that we think being in a beauty pageant is easy. We know it’s not. I know it’s not, that’s why I am not a beauty queen! Duh! Even if I have the height, I still wouldn't dream of being one. And I too had a lot of blunders that I am too embarrassed to let the whole world know. But for the spirit of fun, I’ll share one.

When I was still working at a call center, a client escalated an issue which I have never encountered before.

Customer: (ranting about the product)
Me: Yes, sir. I understand. May I put you on hold for a few seconds? I need to check on something first.

Customer: Yeah!

Few seconds turned into a minute…
Then another minute…

Customer: Hello?

Me: (silent)

Customer: Hello, are you still there.

Me: Yes, sir. I’m still THERE. I mean, I’m still here. Are you still there?

Hahahahahaha! =)) =)) =))

Care to share your bloopers? The stiff killjoys need it.


  1. It's true that she could have answered better but I don't think anyone has the right to criticize her - I mean personally I don't think I could have come up with a smarter answer right away if I were in her position. So yeah, we're proud of her. :-)

  2. I so agree with you Je! At least we can still laugh at our mistakes, and learn from them. :) I just don't know why there are these hypocrites! Haha!

    Congratulations Venus for bringing pride to the country! :)

  3. @Manila Girl - that's why we are not beauty queens. Haha! There's nothing wrong with criticizing especially if given constructively and if it would help the future candidates. This has just gone too far because we needed diversion from what happened the previous day. But then again, what's wrong with a few laughs? Even Venus laughed at herself.

    @Kriska - Yup, there's nothing wrong with laughing at our mistakes as long as we learn from them :) I take Venus's mistake as mine too. Nobody's perfect, especially in English! Hahaha!

  4. Hahaha. I'm just happy she managed to make it that far. If she won, I'd have been happier, but I'm proud enough as it is.


  5. Yeah, it's been years since we went that far. ;-)


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