Broadway Pizza

One thing that excites me on my US assignment is being able to try different restaurants. I know that the experience is just half the fun because my original food trip buddy is miles away from me.

I usually cook my lunch and bring it to the office because it’s way cheaper. But we make sure to eat out on Fridays to try out as much restaurants as we can. Buildings here are connected via a skyway, almost the same as what we have back home in Makati. You’ll never get bored of walking because you’ll get to see a lot of establishments from convenience stores, salons, laundry shops and restaurants of course. One of them is Broadway Pizza. The place caught our attention because they offer value meals ranging from USD5 to USD8. There were also people piling up which is a sign that the food is great.

I tried one of their value meals which include a slice of pizza, 4 chicken wings (I think it's just two wings but split into two) and soda. Don’t mind the extra Pepsi in can because I didn’t know that soda was already included in the meal.

DSC00042Veggie Pizza and Chicken Wings Meal USD6.25

I felt that I already consumed too much meat during my first few weeks in the US so I chose the guilt-free veggie pizza. Roman Veggie pizza has tomatoes, olives and spinach with alfredo sauce topped with oozing mozzarella cheese. There was a distinct hint of sour taste in the pizza because of the artichokes. I was surprised that I enjoyed this pizza because I usually like mine loaded with all the protein that can fit into a slice.

Four chicken wings came with the slice of pizza. Customers can choose from four different sauces but I opted for the plain barbecue sauce. I know that the wings are not the part of the chicken that’s the healthiest to eat. But it’s my favorite. So imagine my satisfaction when I had the freedom to eat all of it. :)

Note: I forgot to bring my camera so I used my "used to be reliable" camera phone.

Broadway Pizza
200 S 6th St US Bank Plaza
Minneapolis, MN

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