Restaurant Review: Teriyaki Boy

After watching Toy Story 3, we decided to have a quick bite at Teriyaki Boy. Boyet was craving for some hot soup so I told him that I recently tried one of TBoy’s ramen. I don’t usually eat at Teriyaki Boy because of their slow service but we gave it a shot that day since the place has only a few customers.

We already had soft drinks that day so I convinced Boyet to try TBoy’s mango shake while I opted for the watermelon shake. Both were satisfactory for me. The watermelon shake has the right sweetness but I didn’t like the fact that the seeds were not removed.

IMG_2689 Mango and Watermelon Shake Php65

Boyet got the Tanmen Ramen – bowl of boiling soup filled with prawns, dori, pechay, carrots and boiled eggs. The soup had a hint of sweetness which complemented the variety of flavors from the seafood and vegetables.

IMG_2700Tanmen Ramen (Regular) Php165

I was still full from our lunch at Kenny Rogers and from consuming a bucket of popcorn inside the theater so I chose something light for snacks. I went for the Buffalo Tori Karaage. There were four pieces of deep-fried chicken coated with a spicy sauce.

IMG_2702Buffalo Tori Karaage (Solo) Php180

Boyet made a request to the waiter to lessen the sauce since he is not a fan of spicy food. The chicken comes with a ranch dip which is perfect to balance the spicy flavor of the chicken.

I have to say that their service has improved from our last visit. I just hope they can manage to maintain the kind of prompt service they gave us.

Teriyaki Boy
Level 3 Robinson's Place Manila


  1. The karaage was so nice. I also wondered what that pink thingy was. Haha!

  2. i like their mabo tofu, wafu steak and teriyaki chicken!


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