Quick lunch at Kenny Rogers

Boyet and I wanted to have a quick lunch to make it in time for the first screening of Toy Story 3. We have actually been to almost all the restaurants in Robinson’s Manila except Kenny Rogers. I never really liked Kenny’s chicken in the few times that I’ve tried it but I always give passing grades to their muffins and ribs.

If you can’t decide whether to have chicken or ribs, then try Kenny Rogers’ Chicken and Rib Plate. I was just a little disappointed with the chicken because it was ahmmm, little. It was nice though that the half slab of rib was enough to feed two growling stomachs.

You may customize your orders and we chose the Super Solo which includes a bowl of soup, vegetable salad, rice, side dish of your choice and muffin. I opted to have some mashed potatoes that day.

IMG_2681Chicken and Rib Plate (Super Solo) Php450

My view with Kenny Rogers’ food hasn’t changed. There was nothing extraordinary with their food but I still love their muffins. :)

Kenny Rogers Roasters
Ground Level Robinson's Manila

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