Family day at Shanghai Cuisine

I had dinner with my family at Shanghai Cuisine two Sundays ago after buying a suitcase for my upcoming “adventure”. I have been to Shanghai Cuisine with Boyet before and I have to say that they offer reasonably-priced Chinese food.

My parents were hesitant at first to come back since they didn’t have quite a nice experience on their first visit because they find the food a little salty. So my dad told this to the waitress and asked her to tell the chef to watch out for the salt. The waitress was cool about it and promised us that the our message would be relayed to the chef.

We started our meal with a bowl of boiling Seafood Spinach Soup. The spinach is pretty obvious because the color of the soup is green though I don’t remember tasting any seafood in it. It didn’t matter to us because the soup wasn’t salty. Hehe!

IMG_2715Seafood Spinach Soup Php140

IMG_2726 Siomai Php48

My brother had the liberty to choose the dumplings for our dinner. We got two kinds. First was the infamous siomai and the second was the fried shark’s fin. We enjoyed both especially when dipped in our favorite mixture of calamansi, soy sauce and chili paste.

IMG_2723 Fried Shark's fin Php48

It was our first time to try their Seafood Chami. Chami reminds me so much of my mom’s lomi. We all enjoyed the sweet and tangy sauce of this noodle dish. Where can you find people eating noodles with rice? Only in the Philippines! :)

IMG_2720Seafood Chami Php180

The Steamed Fish Fillet with Soft Tofu was everybody’s favorite. The silky tofu was hidden underneath the fish fillet swimming in soy sauce. So each time we get a piece of the fish, we also dig up a part of the soft tofu. The soy sauce blends well with sweet tofu and the perfectly seasoned fish fillet.

IMG_2719Steamed Fish Fillet with Soft Tofu Php198

It was a seafood feast that night as we also got their Spicy Fried Squid. You’ll never go wrong with fried squid and vinegar. Shanghai Cuisine’s squid was tender and you’d definitely get more squid than breading unlike from other restaurants.

IMG_2716Spicy Fried Squid Php170

The waitress asked how our food was while she was dishing out. My dad said that it’s better compared to their last visit. The waitress then told us that we could tell them if anything’s wrong with the food so they can inform the chef. Nice huh? :)

Shanghai Cuisine
Level 3 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila

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