Father’s Day at Tang City

Our family celebrated Father’s Day by honoring Papa’s request to grab some Chinese food. We couldn’t argue after he chose to have dinner at Tang City. Of course, it was my treat once again.

We’ve been to this restaurant countless of times that’s why the staff already knows us. My dad even asked “Pang-ilan na yan?” to one of the pregnant waitress. Also because of this, my dad effortlessly asked for free soup to start our meal. Hahaha!

Mama and Papa took charge in choosing the main dishes while my brother and I took the liberty of deciding what dumplings to get. Our first choice was our favorite shark’s fin siomai. This is our favorite next to their Japanese siomai. We savored each piece as we dunked it in the mixture of calamansi, soy sauce and chili paste.

IMG_2663Shark's fin Siomai Php90

We also tried hakaw for the very first time that day. I don’t know why we never tried it but I am sure that it is now included in our dumplings list. Hakaw is a shrimp dumpling with a soft, translucent coating. The flavor of the chunks of shrimps bursting in my mouth was a great way of introduction between me and my new friend hakaw.

IMG_2659Hakao/Hakaw Php90

Yang Chow fried rice will never be missed out in Tang City. One plate is never enough so my dad ordered for two. We’ve always loved that their fried rice is not greasy. The overflowing toppings of leeks and spring onions brought distinct flavors to the fried rice.

IMG_2666Yang Chow Fried Rice Php188

It was also our first time to try out their crab sticks. Each stick was coated with breading and served on a bed of lettuce. I have always been a fan of the usual crab sticks which my mom buys from the grocery so Tang City’s crispy crab sticks became a new way for me to enjoy this frozen treat. Its taste is enhanced by dipping it in a simple mayonnaise dip.

IMG_2664Crispy Crab sticks Php250

Their spicy squid has been our usual order. It may be a little inconsistent since sometimes it’s good; sometimes it’s not that impressive. I didn’t like this particular serving because it was a little rubbery and overdone. My brother loves this dish paired with their sweet and spicy vinegar.

IMG_2675Spicy Squid Php240

Our family loves tofu so much that we never failed to order one in all Chinese restaurants from tofu with beef, tofu with mixed vegetables up to tofu with century egg. Name it and we’ve probably tried it. We settled that day for a simple crispy beancurd. The breaded tofu was served with mayonnaise for dipping but it is also good if you try it with soy sauce and vinegar.

IMG_2670Crispy Beancurd Php168

Tang City Authentic Chinese Cuisine
Level 2, Taste Buds, Robinson’s Place
Ermita, Manila

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