In-room dining and breakfast buffet at Taal Vista

Taal Vista can boast their great service and nice amenities. But more than these two, they also offer scrumptious gastronomic treats for their visitors. We were first able to try their food for dinner. We were supposed to try out their dinner buffet but we got shy when we read the sign saying “We appreciate proper attire” as we realized that we went out of the room wearing shorts. We went back to our room to change and then I remembered that night was the airing of Twist and Shout’s pilot episode. Yeah, I came to Tagaytay to watch TV, so what? So instead of going back to the restaurant, Boyet and I tried their in-room dining.

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Our food arrived a few minutes after placing our call. I was so excited to eat that I forgot the names and to note down the prices of our food. All I can remember is that we paid roughly around Php800 for our dinner.

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Boyet got the tasty Bistek Tagalog. I don’t understand why he chose this since he already had adobo for lunch that day. I was hoping he’d be more adventurous in trying out the hotel’s other offerings but he settled for a simple dish. It turned out to be a nice choice because the meat was tender and well-flavored.

I got their hamburger with French fries on the side. The bun was so thin making way for the big and juicy sirloin patty. I initially thought that the meat was well-done so I was so surprised when I had my first bite because it was still moist.

I am not an avid fan of pickles but its toned down tanginess blended well with the white onions and tomatoes. I also like their French fries because it doesn’t taste like processed potatoes.

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Our reservation includes free breakfast for two. I was still full from our lunch and dinner the day before so I wasn’t able to make the most out of Taal Vista’s breakfast buffet. Boyet and I started with fried rice, danggit, bacon, tocino and tapa. I would have wanted to try everything but I started feeling that my tummy was about to burst. Boyet had some congee while I opted to try out their breads.

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They had a wide array of breads to choose from. I tried two kinds of croissants. The first was buttered and the second had peaches on top. Visitors have the option to reheat the bread so as to make the butter melt easier if they decide to put some and to give more crunch depending on their preference.


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There was a designated chef preparing omelets depending on the requests of visitors. I assume that diners have the option to choose what to mix with the eggs from the various ingredients available.

DSC_0204 (2)Rice and fried treats

DSC_0198 (2)

They have separate stations for salads, cereals, fruits and juices which we were not able to try. Now I know that I am not good with buffets. Hehe!


  1. It was so hot in the afternoon but it turned so cold at night. :)


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