Taal Vista Hotel

I have heard so many nice things about Taal Vista from my cousin Hazel and my friend Mei. So imagine my excitement when I found out that Boyet picked this place as the destination for our first out-of-town trip together.

We arrived a bit late than expected because we didn’t know that buses are no longer allowed in the Lawton terminal. So we needed to go to Buendia and then to Edsa until we finally caught a bus off to Tagaytay.

We checked-in around noon and I was so happy with the way they handled us. They were so courteous and accommodating. It was actually our first time to be in a hotel so both of us were a little lost and intimidated with all the rich people entering the hotel. Haha!

We were escorted to our room by a friendly bellboy who also oriented us with how to use the key card and the different complimentary offerings that came with our reservation.

We rested for a few minutes and headed to Bag of Beans to have lunch. We would have wanted to try out the hotel’s buffet lunch but the room was already a bit crowded. There was a festive mood in the room from the band playing upbeat music.

We headed back to the room after our sumptuous lunch and that was the only time that I was able to take pictures of our room. You’ll notice that the room is a bit messy but I can assure you that it wasn’t that way when we arrived. Haha!

DSC_0097 (2)
DSC_0098 (2)
The room has two beds, a personal refrigerator, cable TV, complimentary coffee and tea, a table, lamps and even a blow dryer.

DSC_0100 (2)
I think the room is good for up to four people but they have a huge closet to fit in two more! Nyaha! The closet has a vault where you can keep your valuables safe when you leave the room.

The first thing that I checked was the comfort room. It was simply regal. The comfort room is clean and equipped with toiletries like soap, shampoo, body bath, dental kit, lotion, tissue papers and shower cap.

DSC_0107 (2)
DSC_0108 (2)
DSC_0110 (2)
I find it practical that the comfort room has a retractable clothesline. It’s perfect to hang your wet clothes and towels. I remember how we needed to be resourceful in other hotels and resorts wherein we had to hang our wet clothes in bed boards, door knobs and at the back of a chair. Haha!

DSC_0112 (2)
I think they have rooms overlooking the Taal lake but they were already full-booked. But we were already satisfied with our room facing the garden and swimming pool. We were not able to dip in the pool because I didn't bring any swimwear. :(

DSC_0140 (2)
DSC_0155 (2)

DSC_0145 (2)

DSC_0147 (2)
DSC_0152 (2)
DSC_0153 (2)
DSC_0154 (2)

The hotel has a surreal view of the Taal lake. I’ve been into a lot of restaurants and places with great views of Taal but I have to say that this is the best.

DSC_0122 (2)


The rates at Taal Vista are very affordable. I admire the warmth and friendliness of the staff as they are always ready to greet you with a smile. You’ll definitely feel that you’re welcomed and taken care of. And their food is just wonderful! I’ll try to make a separate post for that. ^_^

Taal Vista Hotel
Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City 4120, Philippines
Tel No: +63 (46) 413 1000
Fax No: +63 (2) 886 4325
+63 (46) 413 1225

Manila Sales Office
Ground Floor, OneE-comCenter
Harbor Drive, Mall of Asia Complex CBP-1A
Pasay City 1300, Philippines
Tel No: +63 (2) 403 1000
Fax No: +63 (2) 799 8526


  1. I frequented Taal Vista Hotel as a child and the view is really nice, but have you been to Andanita Taj, too? I find the view there nicer. :-) Heard the rooms in Taal Vista were renovated a while back. Guess they're trying to keep improving. :-)

  2. It's actually my first time to hear Andanita Taj. I immediately checked their website after reading your comment. I hope I can go there soon. :)

  3. hmm... I didn't know that you and boyet were all alone when you went there hmp...my mother's instinct is kicking in =p

  4. aber, and what does your instinct tell you? haha! he actually asked for my parents' permission before telling me :)


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