Restaurant Review: Antonio’s Grill

Boyet and I had a very blissful and memorable stay at Taal Vista but we needed to head back home. But before doing so, we had to get a quick fix for Boyet’s bulalo craving. We didn’t particularly have anything in mind at that moment so we just told the tricycle driver to drive us to Leslie’s. I know that there are other restaurants along the way so we were hoping we could try any of those. I asked Boyet if we could try Antonio’s Grill because the name rings a bell.

We went inside the humble and spacious restaurant where a waiting staff ushered us to our seats. It was lunchtime so the place was packed with diners. But it wasn’t the place I had in my mind. Apparently, it was a big booboo of mine because I thought it was the same Antonio’s restaurant that has been getting a lot of raving reviews from bloggers.

We were served with a big bowl of boiling bulalo which Boyet and I immediately savored. The meat was tender and the soup was really tasty. They provide minced garlic, onions and siling labuyo in every table which were perfect for whatever kind of dip their customers prefer. We mixed calamansi and patis (fish sauce) to accompany our steaming bulalo. Serving was also generous that we ended up taking home the leftovers.

DSC_0246 (2) Bulalo Php625

We have been consuming a lot of meat so I decided to get pinakbet to balance out all our cholesterol intakes. There was really nothing special with this dish but it wasn’t that bad. There was a hint of sweetness from the squash which went well with the saltiness of the bagoong.

DSC_0252 (2)Pinakbet Php190

Their food was just ok. Service was mediocre because it took us a lot of waving for someone to attend to our needs. There were also a lot of flies so we ended up shooing them off while we were eating. We asked a waiter if we could have a candle to drive away the flies. He said yes but he didn’t come back. It wasn’t the best place to mark the end of our vacation but we just made the most out it.


Antonio's Grill
Silang Crossing East,
Tagaytay City

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