Restaurant Review: Burger overflow at National Sports Grill

It was a stressful and busy week for me so I was just so disappointed that two important occasions fell on that hell week. It was my mom’s birthday on May 27 and my cousin’s wedding the day after. I was so tired from working overtime and the stress brought by my dress didn’t help at all. I am usually the one in charge of choosing a restaurant for family dinners but since I didn’t have enough time in my hands, I asked my brother to do it for me. He chose National Sports Grill at Greenbelt 3.

I planned to leave the office earlier but I had to finish a task. So my phone didn’t stop ringing while Boyet and I were walking from Ayala to Greenbelt. I would have wanted to choose the food but it was already getting late so I asked them to get anything for me. My mom fell in love with the San Francisco Burger that I brought home before so she called me to confirm if she got the right one.

I arrived at NSG after almost 20 minutes of walking and I immediately asked my mom what she got for me. She told me that she got 4 San Francisco burgers, 1 pasta dish and an appetizer. I started blaming them since the burger would probably be enough for two persons and I would have wanted to try out their other offerings. I started to become all grumpy when Boyet whispered that it’s not the right time to become cranky because it was my mom’s birthday after all. It was also partly my fault since I didn’t make it on time.

First to arrive on our table was a platter of potato skins filled with cheese, bacon bits and spring onions. It was served with two types of dip – salsa and the ranch dressing. Everybody enjoyed it so my mom asked if we wanted to get another one. I started chuckling because she was still unaware of what kind of disaster awaits our table.
IMG_2582 Potato Skins Php305

The burgers started to arrive and I saw my parents’ eyes goggled. I returned it with my I-told-you-so gazes. The waiters didn’t know how to make room for all the burgers. I wasn’t able to take pictures because our table was so crowded. Below is an old picture from my previous visit. So imagine five of these on our table.

San Francisco Burger Php395

I can’t blame them because the SF burger was really enjoyable. Each bite will give you all the savory juices from the beef and a feast of flavors from the lettuce, tomato, cheese and onions. Their special Parmesan bread will surely give your palates an exciting gastronomic adventure. It was actually the bread that made my mom fall in love with the burger.

And to top it all, my brother decided to upgrade his burger to have an extra patty!

Go National (additional Php175)

We also got the California pasta – penne pasta with tomatoes, mushroom and garlic coated with a mixture of red and white sauces. It came in a very big plate because they decided to upgrade the pasta. Argh! Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did when I tried their Chicken Parmesan pasta.

IMG_2584California pasta Php295 (addition Php225 to upgrade)

My mom was stunned when we got the bill so imagine my feeling since I was the one who paid for it. Haha! We ended up taking home two burgers and the pasta that wasn’t touched at all. We ate the burgers the following day but the pasta was left behind so I decided to mix it with the cream of mushroom soup that I prepared for dinner last weekend. ^_^

National Sports Grill
Level 3 Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St.
Makati City


  1. looks yummy to me... penge, may sobra pa ba? =)

  2. Ubos na e, two weeks ago na halos hehe! :D

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