Super Bowl of China – Take Two

My mom volunteered to accompany me in finding a pair of sandals to match my dress for my cousin’s wedding. We literally explored every corner of Robinson’s Manila in search for a pair of sandals with heels that are not too hazardous for my life. I sincerely mean it. I think I have only worn high-heeled shoes on my 18th birthday and my college graduation. I was showered with clumsiness and my sense of balance is not that impressive.

We walked endlessly for almost three hours so my mom was already tired come dinner time. When we tried looking for a restaurant, my mom just pointed to the nearest in sight – Super Bowl of China. I actually enjoyed my first visit so I didn’t oppose with my mom’s plea.

My brother will not let a visit in a Chinese restaurant without trying out the dumplings. He quickly suggested their fried wanton and it was consumed right away. Everybody enjoyed these tiny treats. I noticed that there wasn’t a single trace of oil in the crispy wanton wrapper. It wasn’t greasy inside and out. Chunks of shrimps were evident in every bite. It was perfectly paired with a simple sweet and spicy sauce. Jufran? Hehe!

IMG_2544Fried Wanton Php80

I noticed that the price of their fried rice has increased from our last visit. It wasn’t the best Yang Chow I’ve tasted but it’s definitely one of those with less oil.

IMG_2551Yang Chow Fried Rice Php210

The waitress who attended us recommended their fried chicken. My dad was having second thoughts but the waitress assured us that it is one of their bestsellers. As soon as it was served, I immediately detached the wing from the chicken. It really stood by its name because it was really crispy. But I was so frustrated when I got a piece of the other parts because I found it dry and tasteless. It was served with a weird-tasting sauce and a combination of salt and pepper. Unfortunately, both didn’t help at all in enhancing the flavors.

IMG_2549Fried Crispy Chicken Php290

We were lucky that the other dish redeemed the bland fried chicken. The Crispy Fish w/ Lemon & Plum Sauce was a hit in our table. I have seen dishes with plum in a lot cooking shows but it was my first time to actually taste it. It surely brought a distinct kind of sweetness which complemented the acidity of the lemon. The chili bits also made the dish more exciting by adding a spicy hint.

IMG_2557Crispy Fish w/ Lemon & Plum Sauce Php240

Super Bowl of China
Ground floor Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Ermita, Manila

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