Restaurant Review: Racks

Things are getting crazier each day and before I knew it, my backlogs were already unimaginable. I consider writing in this blog as my refuge, providing me with the serenity which is hard to find in my line of work. But lately, I’ve experienced something worse than a writer’s block. I couldn’t find the time and energy to write. I’d rather curl up in my bed and watch TV because of too much exhaustion and frustration. So now, I am trying to get back to my old self and start working with the backlogs.

A few weeks ago, Boyet and I paid the newly-opened Racks restaurant a visit. They used to have a branch in Robinson’s Manila that closed down a few years ago and I was so glad that it reopened. We just had a quick late lunch (my second lunch for the day) before the Prince of Persia screening.

I wasn’t hungry at all so I just settled for some appetizers. I was craving for something spicy so I got their Buffalo wings. Three huge chicken wings soaked in spicy sauce with carrots and celery sticks and a cup of sour cream came to our table. I know that Racks is known for their ribs but they did a great job with the Buffalo wings. I discarded the knife and fork and ate the chicken using my bare hands. Hehe!

IMG_2642Buffalo Wings (Regular) Php198

Boyet got their classic pork ribs. They stood by their description in the menu that the meat falls off the bones. Boyet chose plain rice to match the tender meat coated with the delicious barbecue sauce. It also came with some beans and a slice of sweet loaf.

IMG_2646Racks Classic Pork Ribs (Quarter Rack) Php255

I just asked for service water when the waiter recommended their Summer Shakes offerings. Since I love strawberries, it was rather easy for him to convince me. It was served in a very tall glass and I immediately tried it. The sourness of the strawberries were very evident and complemented the sweetness of the milk. The last time I enjoyed some milk shake was when I tried the one from Häagen-Dazs. Racks’ version was definitely cheaper without compromising its taste.

IMG_2641Strawberry Shake Php140

Level 1 Robinsons Place Manila

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