We were having a great time at Capones Island when we started hearing thunders. We wanted to stay a bit longer but it was our cue to say goodbye to the island. We came there for a vacation and none of us dreamt of spending it floating in the middle of the sea while waiting for rescue.

Our final stop was Anawangin. We were already tired but still excited since Anawangin is the most popular among the three islands. Excitement started to build in my chest while anxiety meddled because of the strong waves. I knew that we were close to the island the moment I saw a large pile of boats parked in the shoreline.

Picture 279
I’ve seen a lot of good photos of Anawangin online so our expectations were really high especially after our encounters with Capones and Camara. So we were a bit disappointed with what we saw. There is no doubt that the place looks mysterious and mystical. The trees and mountains are worth seeing. I think the main problem is that Anawangin has gained popularity making it a little bit crowded. I remember a few years back when Anawangin was virtually unknown to tourists. Being secluded, it managed to maintain its beauty and cleanliness. But things might have changed a lot. The water is not that impressive. Something kept on clinging to my legs when I stepped into the water. I even saw plastic wrappers floating in the sea. :(

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Another thing that turned me on was the fact that it would have been so exciting to go back to the basics while we were in the island. So I was so perplexed when I saw a sari-sari store in the middle of the island and annoying mobile vendors who kept on asking us to buy their goods.

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We may have misjudged the island from what we saw so we all agreed that its beauty may lie behind the fences where campers stay. The bangkero told us that we need to pay to be able to see whatever is behind the fences so we didn’t dare go beyond them. I’ve heard so many stories about people who camped and trekked at Anawangin. There's always a next time to try these things. :)

So instead of dwelling in something that we couldn’t enjoy (because it was not what we came there to do after all), we just made the most out of our quick stay at the island.

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Picture 259
So instead of trekking, we just mastered the art of jump shots. Pathetic? Nah!

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If you are planning to go at Anawangin, please be extra careful. I’ve heard stories of people who drowned. It’s no longer a surprise since I’ve witnessed how strong the waves are.


  1. how much did you get the whole island hopping tour/ thanks!

  2. Hi Ana, we just paid PHP350 (if I remember it correctly) for the boatman provided by Capones Vista. ;)


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