Capones Island

After a few minutes of enjoying the beauty of Camara Island, we all decided to proceed to our next destination. I thought that Camara was already a paradise until I saw Capones Island. To say that it is enchanting is an understatement. I have always admired every time I see on travel shows how the sea is divided into different colors. It was actually my first time to see that the water nearest the shoreline is colorless, light green in the middle and the farthest is blue. My jaw dropped upon my first glance of the clear water and the enigmatic rock formations.

Picture 189
Picture 190
The sand in Capones Island is finer than that of Camara. The water was also more tranquil compared to the first island. I am just not sure if it’s always the case throughout the day.

Picture 223
Picture 224
We saw a lot of people taking pictures behind the life-size rocks. But I guess our group had our favorite spot.

Picture 220
Picture 230
Picture 215Inhale... inhale... inhale...

Picture 213Weirdo!

Capones was a bit more crowded than Camara but it was still manageable. There were a few groups who obviously camped at the island. I just hope that tourists are responsible enough to take away their trashes with them as they leave the island.

Our only regret was we were not able to see the famous lighthouse. I remembered about it and asked the bangkero after we were done with the third and last stop. But we certainly enjoyed Capones Island.

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Picture 233
I actually left Manila because I needed to do some thinking and reassess my life. But as soon as I saw Capones Island, I immediately forgot what I came there to do. :)


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