Resort Review: Capones Vista

We were initially choosing between Bolinao and Zambales for our out-of-town trip. We settled for Zambales since most of us were busy and could not afford to have an extended holiday. Punta de Uian was our original choice on where to stay but it was already fully-booked when Boyet inquired. Aubrey made a few suggestions but I declined thinking that it wouldn’t be comfortable enough for stressed out people like us. It was a good thing that I opposed because she bailed out on our trip the last minute!

Each of us has a specific demand. I insisted that the place should be air conditioned. Joie requested if we could stay in a place that has a swimming pool. Erlie and Jeff could not live without cable TV. Because of these, Capones Vista entered my mind. We were supposed to stay there last Holy Week but it was already fully-booked when my mom inquired. Their family rooms were already reserved but we were fortunate enough to be able to book a room for four people for Php4000, Php500 per additional person.

Their website highlights their large and stunning pool. It will also be the first thing that you’ll see when you enter the resort.

Picture 062
Picture 119
We immediately roamed around the resort and found hammocks by the beach where we chose to take a rest after a grueling 4-hour travel.

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We arrived a little past 10 in the morning so we decided to hang out and have lunch at their café. Check-in time was 3 p.m. so we decided to go island hopping after our lunch. We went back to the resort around 4 p.m.

Picture 290
Picture 282Jeff, Joie and Erlie watching THE BUZZ!

The room is clean and very cozy. It has two beds so we requested for an additional mattress. They also provided towels, soaps and sachets of shampoo. And I must say that their sheets and pillows do not smell like aged linens unlike those from other resorts.

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The first thing that I inspect in any hotels or resorts is their comfort rooms. Call me weird but I am really picky when it comes to cleanliness of comfort rooms. Our comfort room was clean and well-lighted. It has a bath tub equipped with shower and heater. Erlie even missed swimming in the pool that afternoon because she took a warm bath which lasted for almost an hour.

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I came back at the hotel with a terrible headache so I dozed off after taking a bath. They just woke me up just in time for dinner. We spent the night watching TV and playing pekwa. Erlie had a straight loss. Haha! We woke up early the next morning and had a quick breakfast at the porch.

Picture 298
I decided to roam around the resort and the beach to take some photos.

Picture 295
Picture 307
Picture 308
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Jeff and Joie chose not to swim that morning while the three of us made the most out of our last day by dipping in the pool. If you are bringing kids with you, make sure to bring inflatables for them because the water is a little deep.

Picture 325
I didn’t know what side of the pool I could handle so I asked Erlie to go before me. You can see how scared I was. Haha!

Picture 327
Picture 328
Picture 329
Picture 331
Capones Vista gave me the vibe that I am just in a quiet neighborhood by the sea. It is very evident in the way their rooms are arranged.

Picture 317
Picture 350
Capones Vista is a nice place to stay. Rates are affordable and their staff members are so nice and very accommodating. We forgot a lot of stuff so they made sure to attend to our needs each time we approached them. I only have one negative comment. I am not sure why the place has a lot of flies. I don’t know where the flies came from because the place is obviously clean. I hope they do something about it because it really annoyed us. But other than that, we all enjoyed our stay at Capones Vista.

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Picture 376

Capones Vista Resort
Pundaquit , San Antonio, Zambales

For Reservations:
Landline: (047) 603-1382
Mobile: 09209183668 or 09189455721

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