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I have always been skinny. It was so hard for me to have a normal weight as I was always under the required weight for my height. I have always been a big eater so it is mystery for everybody where I put everything I eat. I think it’s because I was required to do household chores. I also used to walk from school to home so that was my ultimate day-to-day exercise. My nanny also told me that I burn up everything I eat because I use my brain a lot for studying. So when I entered the corporate world, the walking and studying were out of the equation and the household chores were the only thing left. I started gaining weight which was really good news. But I felt that my metabolism has slowed down. I gave away some old clothes and my waistline is not that promising anymore. I try to squeeze in jogging on weekends but I started feeling so heavy that I end up walking instead.

I now cut down my rice intakes and eat more fruits and vegetables. I try to have at least a few minutes of exercise every morning aside from the running on weekends. And I recently found out something to replace my usual bread or rice for breakfast.


I am not really into the rigid 14-day challenge which requires you to eat Nestle Fitnesse for breakfast and replace another meal with it. I just want to have a healthy alternative for breakfast and I really hope that I can shed away the unwanted flab.

Yihee! Wish me luck! :)


  1. Haha I tried this too before! Um.. as soon as I had my first bite I had to say out loud that it tastes like cardboard. Wouldn't you agree? Hehe.

  2. haha! di ka naman kaya mataba je..

  3. @Manila Girl, the taste is a little weird but cardboard is not the first thing that pops into my mind hehe.

    @MrsMartinez, I just grabbed the first milk carton I saw. :p

    @Kriska, I'm not fat. I'm just not proportioned. haha!

  4. try mo ung fitness fruits at honey & almonds

  5. @shobe, sige mahanap nga yan :)


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