Restaurant Review: Mang Inasal

Not so long ago, Filipinos (specifically those who grew up in Manila) didn’t have the slightest idea what “chicken inasal” was. But it has now become a very popular alternative to the usual fried chicken. Different restaurants have also surfaced one by one offering customers the specialty which first became popular in the provinces of Bacolod and Iloilo. Boyet told me that the taste of this very well-liked roasted chicken may be at par with the original but the experience of eating chicken inasal on the streets of Bacolod is incomparable. He told me that if you eat chicken inasal using spoon and fork then expect that all eyes will be on you.

We recently dined in Mang Inasal after a tedious day at work last Friday. It’s not my favorite version of chicken inasal but the place offers some nice treats for the customers. First, they offer unlimited rice which Boyet took advantage of. And they have this TV screen that interactively teaches people how to eat chicken inasal, how to prepare the sauce and other stuff that I didn’t pay attention to. I got really annoyed after watching it for a few minutes.
Soy Sauce, Chicken Oil and Vinegar

One of the lessons was how to make your rice a little different from the standard plain one which they serve wrapped in banana leaf. I tried putting some chicken oil in my rice but I didn’t really notice any difference. I also didn't appreciate that our rice was hard and overcooked.

Rice with Chicken Oil

Boyet and I wanted paa (thigh) but it wasn’t available so we both settled for pecho (breast). Their chicken inasal suits the taste of Filipinos with the blend of sweet, smoky and salty flavors. For added flavor, dip it in a mixture of vinegar with soy sauce or calamansi. The chicken was also huge enough to pacify my hunger. My only concern is that the chicken wing, which happens to be my favorite part, was burnt.

Pecho Php99(?)

Mang Inasal
Level 3 Hyundai Center
Ayala Avenue, Makati City


  1. I'm not Jhonny BravoApr 3, 2010, 10:55:00 PM

    Favorite namin kumain dyan after basket.

    Yung sa Makati Ave masarap :)
    depende din kasi sa branch e.

  2. The BF and I love Mang Inasal. Hehe. When we're in the mood for simple joys! Yum yum, craving it now. My favorite part is the wing, too. :-)

  3. Naku my dad's fav! Lalo na nun me promo ang BDO credit card dyan hehe halos ilan times a week nakapila yan hehe

  4. Mang Inasal really offers tasty chicken inasal but I think it depends on the branch. :)


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