Cookies and Spongebob (hehe!)

I have tried baking so many times. There were a few hits but there were also a lot of misses. I honestly believe that baking is harder than cooking because you have to be really precise with the measurements. One wrong move and the food goes directly to the trash bin. It also requires a lot of patience, the thing that I have long been striving to have.

It’s so nice that I have friends in the office who I can share my baking experiences with. Cric, Joie and I endlessly talk about our misadventures in baking. All of us have also taken a shot in turning our hobby into a business.

Cric recently asked me if I could take some photos of her cookies because she will try to sell them online. I had so much inhibitions at her request because I still feel I’m a novice in food photography. Taking pictures for this blog is different because I only do it for fun. Plus, the outcome of my work will make or break Cric’s budding business. I was too scared that the cookies might not look yummy at all and no one would dare buy them. But Cric gave me all her trust so what else can I do? Hehe!

I had a lot of problems when I started shooting. I didn’t have a decent background and a nice plate. But Cric seemed to like my shots (I hope she's not lying). That’s what friends are for.

She is also partnered with her cousin in making cute party cakes. I took this photo on her baby shower. I only took it because I love Spongebob but I didn’t have the slightest idea at that time that my pictures would eventually come handy for her business.

Cric is still working on her site so I’ll make another post once it’s up and running. The cookies cost Php40/2pcs. Just drop me a comment or contact her if you wish to order. :)

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