Restaurant Review: Fish Out of Water

Our first attempt to try out Fish Out of Water last Valentine’s Day failed because the place was heaving that day so we ended up eating at La Maison. Our second shot at FOW finally happened last Friday night. We were greeted by some cheerful ladies as we approached the restaurant’s entrance. One of them led us to a table for two.

I love the spacious and well-lighted restaurant which gives the customers the elegant vibe. Their menu book is also creative as it features some stories and illustrations. I wasn’t able to read any of those because we took advantage of their free wi-fi. Hehe!

While waiting for our food, the waitress served us with some bread and pate. I spread a liberal amount of the pate over the crunchy toasted bread and realized that the taste was familiar. I took another bite but I couldn’t make out of its taste. Boyet couldn’t stand the puzzled look on my face so he asked the waitress what the spread is made of. She said that it is marinated tinapa. Wohoo! She asked us if we liked it and I gave her a nod and a smile. ^_^

IMG_2317Complimentary Bread

I don’t usually order for a beverage but I was so in the mood to try out their drinks. I chose the first one I saw and asked the waitress what it was. I only heard of milk and honey so I said “Yes’ I’ll have that.” Then the Thai Iced Tea was served by the waitress while saying “Enjoy your tea, ma’am.”

I took the first sip and was perplexed with what my tongue experienced. The flavor was so strong so I put a few drops of the milk and honey. I gave it one more try but the tea was still biting so poured the remaining milk and honey until the color of my drink lightened. I liked the rareness of the drink but I found it too intense for my palate.

IMG_2334Thai Iced Tea Php75

Their food selection is really intriguing. They serve frog legs and ostrich which I was so willing to try. But Boyet already expressed his desire to have the Crispy Shrimp and Crablets.

My dad used to buy crablets for us which we all enjoyed dipping in vinegar. Boyet and I were arguing whether we could eat the shells of the shrimps and crablets. I ate everything and he did the same afterwards. Filipinos usually use vinegar along with their food to lessen the saltiness. But on the contrary, the shrimps and crablets were not too salty and dunking them in the spicy vinegar enhanced the flavors even more. They use Sukang Pinakurat which is native in Iligan. (Joie, tell Jeff to bring me a bottle of Sukang Pinakurat on his next homecoming! Hehe!)

While eating, Boyet kept on muttering the words which are usually found in this blog: overpowering, harmony, balance and flavors as he tried to make fun of me.

IMG_2330Crispy Shrimp and Crablets Php195

We weighed first whether we would get a viand with plain rice or just the paella rice. We opted to get the Steak Paella instead. It was served in a shallow pan so I immediately told Boyet that we would probably have no leftovers. But I was mistaken.

The tenderloin bits were cooked to perfection. The asparagus, green peas and bell peppers added color to the dish giving it a festive look. Though the paella looked a little complicated, the flavors were just simple and not overwhelming. As a matter of fact, it somehow reminded me of my mom’s home cooked beef mechado.

IMG_2345Steak Paella Php495

Fish Out of Water
Level 3 Greenbelt 5
Legaspi St., Legaspi Village
Makati City

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  1. I don't often go to Makati area but will surely check this restaurant when I have a chance ; )


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