A Breeze of Good Deeds #18: I Help Send a Kid to School ^_^

Today is a very special day for me. This day marks the first anniversary of my “A Breeze of Good Deeds” series. I started this because I saw how my words affect the people around me. More often than not, my negative feelings are being passed on to other people. So for a change, I wanted to spread even the littlest positivity left in my body.

Just recently, I did something that I am really proud of. I have been planning to do an outreach project for my 26th birthday. But almost three months later, I still got nothing. I had so many ideas in mind but my busy schedule and lack of budget prevented me from doing so. I know that these are petty excuses so I’ll stop making more. Anyway, God is so good for putting me at the right place last Friday. After having lunch at Glorietta, Boyet and I accompanied my office mate Cric at Park Square as she needed to buy a new cell phone. It was my first time to come there so I was visually exploring the place when a small booth caught my attention. The lady attending the booth was a little preoccupied as she was talking to another lady. But as soon as she saw me eyeing the brochures, she gave me one.

She explained to me what World Vision is and what they do to help the less fortunate kids who are unable to go to school. There was actually no need to convince me because I have long wanting to sponsor a child but I didn’t know how to do it. I asked a few questions of how I could pay the monthly donations and then I immediately signed some forms. I was then asked to pick for a child to sponsor. I am not allowed to divulge her identity but I’d like to share a few details about my “kid”. She is in kindergarten. She has a cute smile even if her front teeth are missing. And the reason that I picked her is because of her favorite subject: Mathematics. :) I was then asked to write my first letter to her. And they told me that I should also expect at least two from her: a Christmas card and her annual progress report. We are also allowed to correspond through World Vision.

I thought that sponsoring a child only entails paying the monthly donation. But there is a lot more to it. I need to follow certain guidelines to protect both the child’s and my welfare. Because of these new responsibilities, I now feel that I have my own child minus the pain of birth delivery. Hehe!

Can you imagine how much it would cost to help bring a child to school? Php600! That amount is less than how other people spend on a coffee drink a week and definitely less than how much we spend dining out. It does not even near how other people splurge on a night out. And yes, it is much cheaper than a pair of Havaianas.

So please pray for my “kid” that she may be able to finish her studies and achieve her dreams even under the most difficult circumstances. Please pray that I may be able to continuously have the means to support her. And I’ll be praying that my friends and readers will also be encouraged to sponsor a child after reading this post. :)

IMG_2172My World Vision Baller

World Vision Development Foundation
389 Quezon Avenue corner West 6th St.
1104 Quezon City, Philippines
Email: wv_phil@wvi.org
Office Numbers: (632)374-7618 up to 28 or fax to (632)374-7660


  1. This is really admirable. Been wanting to sign up for World Vision as well, but I thought, since I'm still dependent on my parents, it would be more appropriate to wait until I'm employed. Hehe. I wish you and your little kid the best! :-)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Manila Girl. :)

    Maybe you can convince your parents to sponsor. I'll be praying that you become a future WV sponsor. Thanks for your well wishes. :)

  3. Wow! I commend you for reaching out to others!


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