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I have been pestering Boyet for quite some time to let us try Momo. But he thought that it was just a “coffee shop”. After months of giving him hints that I really want to try it out, I was able to finally convince him last Saturday. I asked if we could just check out their menu and we’d walk away if they don’t serve rice.

We were greeted by a nice and friendly waitress who led us to our seats. I love the cozy yet trendy interior of Momo. There is no wonder why students flock this place. I think they also have free wi-fi so that's probably another reason. Hehe!

Their huge glass windows give the customers plenty of natural light and also allows them to watch the busy street of Pedro Gil. Well, I was actually snooping on the people passing by and not really minding the street. Hihi!

The waitress told us that their frozen iced tea is a must-try. They serve their iced teas in tall glasses with mints on top. I tried and enjoyed the Strawberry Frozen Iced Tea. The acidic taste of the strawberries complements the sweetness of the tea. Everything from the taste to the coldness was balanced. I also had a sip of what Boyet got which was Lemon Lime. Other flavors are guava, blueberry, dalandan, peach and green mango.

IMG_2061 Momo's Own Frozen Iced Tea Php85
They serve complimentary garlic bread with a spread on the side which I think is cheese pimiento. My expectations got higher as I got satisfied with the frozen iced tea and then with the free bread. It was so good that I ended up eating the spread as soon as the garlic bread was gone.

Complimentary Garlic Bread

The Wild Mushroom Cappuccino arrived in a big cup with a piece of garlic bread on the side. It mimics the look of cappuccino because of its white froth. I was about to have my first sip when the waitress approached our table and told us that she forgot to put olive oil in our soup. The olive oil was really a nice addition to the creamy consistency, sweet yet pungent flavor and fragrant aroma of the soup. This is one of the best mushroom soup I’ve ever tasted.
Wild Mushroom Cappuccino Php150

Boyet and I decided to check out first the serving size of their fried chicken before ordering for another dish because the menu says that it is perfect for sharing. Aside from the grilled corn, the chicken has grilled vegetables which obviously were untouched as I am with a date who is so scared of veggies. He liked the chicken though it was just average for me. It’s nice that they use cornflakes as alternative to the usual flour breading which I think absorbs more oil.

Boneless Cornflake Crusted "Country Fried Chicken" Php385

I was saving some room for desserts but I stayed away from it because I already had something on my mind for snacks.

I have high praises for their food and service. And a little creativity goes a long way. The receipt that they gave us when we settled our bill is placed on a cute gold pail.

And we received special treats when we got our change: my favorite Choc-Nut! :)


Momo! Food + Drink
Robinson's Place Manila

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  1. I have read so much rave reviews about this place. I didn't know chicken would cost that much at PhP385. bummer!
    I will definitely try try the strawberry shake though. Love it in the picture!


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