Another Try at Joey Pepperoni

I always get a surprise each time I visit Joey Pepperoni. Boyet and I was so delighted when we paid less than what we expected during our first visit because we didn’t know that they slash 50% on pizzas from 2PM – 6PM. The place has become more popular with their pasta-all-you-can and buy-one-take-one pizza offerings. I didn’t know that they now offer these treats the whole day.

My brother suggested we get the Mozzarella sticks. Everybody couldn’t stop munching as soon as it was served on the table. The breading was crunchy and not greasy at all. Each bite gives a surprise from the chewy mozzarella cheese. Dip it with the pomodoro sauce and you’ll surely give your palate a tasty treat.

IMG_2151 Mozzarella sticks Php190

We have been consuming pasta dishes for days so my mom said that we should stay away from pasta for once. So she suggested we have some salads instead. First to arrive was the Classic Caesar Salad. The crispy texture of the lettuce and croutons, the salty bacon and the pungent dressing were a hit altogether. It was surely a nice way to start a meal.


Classic Caesar Salad Php110

My mom insisted we get another one but it would be too boring to get another Caesar Salad. So I proposed on trying their Cold Salad. If you’re craving for both pasta and salad, then this is perfect for you. The penne pasta was perfectly coated with the honey mustard dressing and was served on a bed of crispy lettuce. The hard-boiled eggs and refreshing cherry tomatoes were a nice addition to the salad.

IMG_2160 Cold Pasta Php150

What I loved about JPP’s pizza is its very thin crust. Because of this, you’ll get all the flavors from the toppings. It wasn’t my first time to try out Pizza Messicana: beef, bacon, cheese, mushroom and special Mexican seasonings. I love putting hot sauce on pizza but there is no need for it if you order Pizza Messicana.


Pizza Messicana Round 12 Regular Price Php345

Meatlovers pizza is a family favorite. We never run out of options when ordering pizzas because meatlovers is always on top of the list. My family seemed to have enjoyed JP’s Tutta Carne more than the Messicana. The toppings of beef, bacon, ham and pepperoni overloaded the thin and crispy crust. We all agreed that the semi-soft yet chewy cheese topping augmented the flavors of the meat.


Tutta Carne Round 12 Regular Price Php345

We paid Php399 instead of Php690 for the two pizzas. Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria is truly the destination for pizza and pasta lovers.

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria
Level 4 Robinsons Place
Malate, Manila, Philippines


  1. masarap yung cold salad sa mga chinese restaurants like Sun Moon (Greenhills) tska David's Tea House... cold na fruit salad na may seafoods (if you're used to those tastes)

  2. Hi I haven't been to this restaurant. But I saw that they have a branch in Mezza.
    The salad is inexpensive and the veggies looks crisp!

  3. try ko minsan mei. :)

    *MrsMartinez*, yup the veggies are crispy. ^_^


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