Paeng's Midtown Bowl

After our sumptuous lunch at Momo, we decided to play bowling instead of watching a movie. I have been at Paeng's Midtown Bowl a couple of times before both with my family and friends. The place usually holds tournaments which was also the case when we were there. It hasn’t started yet so Boyet and I made an agreement to leave the place before it begins so we would not look too inexperienced. Hehe!




Aside from their friendly staff, I have always been amazed with their high-tech setups. Each lane has a screen that shows the scores and cute animations each time you hit or miss.



I started really well so my competitive spirit spiked up. Wohoo!


But I guessed it was just beginner’s luck. :(


He wasn’t contented beating me at bowling so he asked if we could play billiards. Of course I was more awful with billiards. Actually, I am terrible with any sports that involve balls. Haha!


Though his play was a little rusty, he still got the moves. That’s because he spent most of his college life playing billiards. :p

Paeng's Midtown Bowl
Level 2 Padre Faura Wing
Robinson's Place Manila


  1. My friends and I played here some years back. I got maybe like 4 strikes and the rest of the time the ball spent mostly on the gutter. Hahaha. Guess I'm all or nothing! :-P

  2. I miss bowling! haha I am not a pro! but I play just for fun haha


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