Restaurant Review: Mushroom Burger

After our zipline and cable car adventure, we started discussing where to grab lunch. I have been to Josephine and Leslie's so I begged to take both out of the list. Jeff suggested we go to Mushroom Burger. I have wanted to try it out during the numerous times I've been in Tagaytay but I did not know how to get there. We rented a car this time around making it possible to visit the places we've never been into including Mushroom Burger.

A guy gave us directions and told us that the place has a big letter "M" sign. The funny thing is that we saw a McDonald's just before we reached Mushroom Burger. Hehe! I didn't expect such a humble setting of the place which reminds me of a school cafeteria.

Aubrey, Joie and I opted to have their Mushroom Burger King: double patty, cheese and tomato. I was like "Is this it? Is this really what all the fuss about?" But that immediately changed the moment I had my first bite. We were discussing whether the burger is pure mushroom or not but we finished our burgers without arriving at any conclusion. I just learned a very important lesson in dining: Don't judge a food by its presentation! Hihi! ^_^

Mushroom Burger King Php99

It was really cold when we got there so we decided to get two orders of Mushroom Egg Drop Soup. Have you ever tasted something that you really want to dissect what's in it but you just simply could not? That's exactly how we felt with this soup. We just know that there's egg and different kinds of mushroom in the soup. It's also a little spicy and has a little zest of ginger. There was something unusual about this but we couldn't put a finger on it. I surrendered when I realized that I was not succeeding with trying to analyze the dish and just went on in enjoying it.

Mushroom Egg Drop Soup Php25

I forgot what Erlie had but Jeff and Boyet went for rice by trying their burger steak. It comes with two burger patties topped with their special sauce and sauteed mushroom with boiled egg on the side. Boyet let me try it and I absolutely liked this dish. I loved the sweetness of the mushroom that compliments the usual salty steaks.

Burger Steak

Aubrey and Erlie ordered for Sweet Mushroom. It's basically the sago't gulaman but they put mushroom instead of sago and gulaman. Am I making any sense? Anyway, we were laughing our heads off because they kept on comparing the mushroom to a wanton wrapper and a loofah.

Sweet Mushroom Php25

Food is nice and very affordable. I think I only paid Php800+ for our lunch. They also sell different kinds of mushroom and other delicacies for pasalubong. After our lunch, we decided to hang out a little longer at their backyard. They have a wishing well and a mini-playground that kids will definitely enjoy.

I wonder what these two are wishing.


Me enjoying the swing

Erlie having fun (Are you allowed to do that?)


Jeff on the giant slide

Mushroom Burger

Brgy. Kaybagal along Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City, Cavite


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