Residence Inn Zoo

After our lunch at Mushroom Burger, we started discussing our next destination. It was a choice between Palace in the Sky and Paradizoo. Joie has already been at Paradizoo but she immediately washed her hands saying that she is definitely not recommending the place. She said that it is too muddy and stinky. What bothers her are the numerous good online reviews about the place so this made us take the risk.

But we saw a “Thank You for Coming” arc on our way to Paradizoo. That was a signal for us that we were lost. While we were asking for directions, Aubrey suddenly realized that we are actually on a different zoo. It turns out that she has been at Residence Inn a few months ago to accompany a client. So instead of gambling on trying out Paradizoo, we settled for the Residence Inn zoo.

We were immediately greeted by a cute tiger cub and friendly white tiger. Oh yes, the big white tiger was so friendly. As a matter of fact, the tiger did different poses in front of the camera. When Aubrey said “Open your mouth baby”, it did. When she said “Say Hi”, the tiger waved at us. It’s either the zoo has an intelligent tiger or Aubrey’s DNA is partly composed that of a tiger making her effortlessly communicate with them.

The place is nice for people who want to experience some animal encounters. We were able to touch and feed the tigers by paying Php50 to the trainor. They can take your pictures but you are not obliged to buy them.

Aubrey had to literally beg Erlie to come with her to try the animal encounter. It's pretty obvious in the photo that Erlie was really nervous!

The very nervous Erlie with Aubrey

I am so scared of cats that's why it was a big surprise for me that I had the courage to come near the tigers.

Look who's a little scared (definitely not me)

Jeff and Joie

Even after so much pleading, Aubrey could not make Erlie touch the big tiger. Haha! She missed a lot!

Aside from the tigers, you can also touch the snakes and birds. Kids can also ride a pony and a sheep. Joie said it's a sheep but Erlie said it's a lama. I've only seen a lama in Farm Town so I have no idea how it looks like in real life.

The lion, the witch and the gorilla!

They also have attractions other than the animals. They have a playpen for the kids, a magician’s corner and mimes that do crazy acts.

Residence Inn has a restaurant that gives a beautiful angle of the Taal Lake.

We then walked through a long stairs which led us to what seemed to me as an unfathomable destination. It directed us to the aviary and a good spot to take some photos.

Setting up Jeff's camera for our 10 shots :)

Km. 65 Barrio Neogan,
Tagaytay City

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