I Fell In Love with Laiya

We were all stressed out and wanted to get out of the rat race for a while. Erlie was the last one to confirm her attendance so Aubrey and I did most of the planning. I have always wanted to go to Laiya so I suggested this to Aubrey. Though having the same wavelengths, I knew that she already had the same thing in mind.

I did the research while Aubrey made some calls to check out resorts who still accept reservations. It was a long weekend so it was but usual that most resorts were already fully-booked.

Resorts in Laiya usually include buffet packages. But being budget-conscious travelers, one of our requirements was that the place should allow us to bring foods. Kabayan Beach Resort was the perfect choice. I’ll post another entry on how I rate the resort and the bumps and nice deals that we’ve encountered before, during and after our getaway.

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