A Breeze of Good Deeds #17: Our Small Christmas Treat

While everybody was busy preparing for Noche Buena and doing last-minute Christmas shopping, Erlie, Boyet and I went out on the streets to share our blessings to the homeless. It was a spontaneous effort and we didn’t even have the chance to plan it out. I just asked Erlie if she would be interested to join us and I was surprised to know that she did the same thing last year. (I have nice friends, you know?! Hihi!) Our plan was simple: buy food and randomly give them.

We met up at LRT Pedro Gil Station yesterday and grabbed packed meals to feed 30 people. Our initial worry was that three people might not be able to handle everything. But Boyet asked one of Jollibee’s staff member for bigger plastic bags which solved our problem.

We saw a man just outside Jollibee and my heart melted as I saw him smile after Boyet handed out the food. We gave food to elders, beggars, children, scavengers and the disabled. We walked for two hours along Pedro Gil, Padre Faura, U.N., Ermita and Roxas Blvd. and only had a five-minute break to stretch our muscles and rehydrate.

My heart was filled with joy each time I hear them say “Merry Christmas” and “Salamat po”. Some were even startled to realize that strangers are stopping by to help. Some just smiled, their eyes spoke of that small ray of hope despite their condition.

I can vividly remember the first time I handed the food to an old woman eating rice from a plastic. I gave her the food and was surprised at her reaction. She shouted “Yehey! May Jollibee na ako! Yehey! Merry Christmas po!” She was ecstatic and couldn't stop clapping her hands like a child who just saw Santa Claus. I am not Santa Claus for I don't think Santa Claus gets misty-eyed. I started choking as I was holding back the tears.

2009 passed by quickly without me realizing it. I was feeling so down days ago as I looked back. I felt worse than a pathetic loser for not being able to do and achieve the things that I have always wanted to do. But this experience changed everything. Now my feet are sore, my whole body is aching and I can feel extra muscles growing in both my legs. But my heart is full of happiness and I can proudly look back and tell myself that I had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas. I thank God for giving me a family and friends who have the same urge to help other people.

Thanks Boyet and Erlie! Let's do this again next year! :)

Merry Christmas! ^_^

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