Product Review: Beabi

I recently bought an XOXO bag from my friend Aubrey. I like it because it is big enough for me to stuff all the essentials. But I had this problem of just throwing everything in my bag: wallet, umbrella, keys, camera, powder, IDs, book, crackers, slippers and many more. And when it’s time for me to get something, I end up emptying my entire bag. I know I am not the most organized person in this planet. But that was before I met Beabi.

I paid a visit at their Robinson’s Ermita branch. They have this wide variety of bags and storage.

I got one of their bag organizers for only Php195.

It comes with pockets that serve as dividers. Now, I can easily see my stuff in one glance. It will also be easy for me to switch bags for I don’t need to get everything out from one bag and transfer them one by one to the other bag. Smart, huh?!

They also have small containers and pouches that suit best for travelers. I’m definitely buying one of those on my next visit.

Level 1, Maria Orosa Wing
Robinson's Place Ermita


  1. waaaahhh..i've been looking for a bag organizer for decades!! (oh well, for a couple of months now actually. @_@) but most are either too big, too small or too expensive..nice one tol! i'd pay a visit soon..langya! gulo lague ng bag ko eh.. @_@

  2. yeah me too! i saw one in home tv shopping na sobrang pricey! i'm definitely coming back for their traveling kit. :D


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