Reader's Corner #1: For Yelo

I love getting comments from readers especially from those I don’t personally know. And just today, I received two comments from YELO. One was about “The Night That Changed My Life” and the other was a question to ponder on.

Yelo has left a new comment on your post "Why do bad things happen to good people?":

hi there miss JE!

this is yelo, i got to your blog thru mrs martinez' blog because i googled the word mondo juice.

after a few minutes, i found myself enjoying your blog posts about cory aquino, about your speech, and even your anniversary with your special someone boyet.

anyway, regarding your question here i would like to raise a point. since you are asking why do bad things happen to good people, have you ever asked why good things happen to bad people or why do bad things happen to bad people or why good things happen to good people? is it really that logical that if you are good, everything around you should be good? does the world work that way? does the sun shine only to those good people? and what does 'good' mean? who is really 'good'?

ma'am, pardon me but sometimes i'd like to challenge thoughts/ facts for the sake of reaching the truth. since you got some CSI-backed mentality or something, i thought you might take up the challenge. :D

good evening!

Yelo, thanks for taking some time to visit my blog. Oh yes, I question those things. If you happen to read some of my entries, I question why bad people can get away with everything even if they are not supposed to. Over the years, I discovered that not everything is logical. That is why bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. But sometimes, we don’t need logic. Too much rationality is making us forget that only HIM knows everything. He has a purpose for every load and every gift He gives us.

I trust Him but since I have a very personal relationship with my Creator, I talk to Him. I ask Him questions. I may not always know the answers but at the end of the day, it is my faith in Him that really matters. That is why at the end of my entry, I said that it didn’t matter. We certainly learned something from it. Material things can just perish in an instant that is why we are not supposed to cling on them. As he lost his hard-earned money which he was supposed to buy a gift for me, he ended up giving me a birthday card, something that I have been asking him to give me but couldn’t find the time to do so. And that turned out to be the most beautiful birthday gift I could ever have. And I realized that we can still be together even if we have less in life.

Lastly, it wasn’t really a challenge to answer your question. And I apologize if you were expecting a logical and well-thought explanation. I was once there, always using my head and questioning everything. But I came into a realization that sometimes, the soundest reason comes not from the mind but the heart.

Thank you! ^_^

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