A Breeze of Good Deeds #15: Vote for Efren

Ooooopssss! Not MY Efren!

I first saw Efren as one of the many faces of AKO MISMO. I didn’t know at that time that he has every right to proudly say that he is indeed a catalyst for change. And now, he has become a household name for being one of CNN’s Top 10 Heroes of 2009.

Photo taken from barriosiete.com

Every story of a hero has its beginning. Efren Peñaflorida grew up in a slum area of Cavite. Violence, poverty and hopelessness are just but normal to where he was from. He had all the reasons to give in to that rotting environment but he knew better. He did better.

As boys of his age start to sniff solvent and join gang riots, he spearheads Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) which aims to raise the bar of education in his community. Along with other volunteers, they teach basic literacy skills to the less-fortunate kids. Being underprivileged as well, they used whatever they have to carry out their mission. Without the money to build a school, DTC wanders on the poor communities in Cavite in search for hungry minds.

It’s just a breeze of fresh air to have stories like these. We only make it to CNN when calamities strike or when we face embarrassment brought about by the problems of terrorism and corruption that our country is facing. But this time, an ordinary Filipino with an extraordinary dedication in uplifting the lives of his countrymen brings us good news.

Please vote for Efren. It has been proven that we can make Ms. Philippines win the Miss Photogenic award in the Miss Universe pageant. We have until November 19 to vote. But whether or not he emerges as the winner, I know that he will forever be a hero in the hearts of those kids that he has touched. Mabuhay ka Efren! ^_^

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  1. tol you forgot to mention that he used to be a gang member :) but as young as 15, he realized that life is much better if lived without violence :) aaawww..


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