Book Review: If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern

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Unlike the first two books of Cecelia Ahern, it took me a little longer to finish If You Could See Me Now. The first half of the novel was a little dragging so I was just reading one chapter a night. But I couldn’t put it down the minute I reached the middle part.

Elizabeth Egan is an obsessive-compulsive woman who reluctantly takes care of her six-year old nephew (Luke) because her sister (Saoirse) is so incapable to take care of her own son. For Elizabeth, everything has a plan, everything should be in order. She is uptight and does not have a single cell in her body that speaks of fun. She does not even play with Luke and does not show any affection with the child. These were brought about by a dark past that kept on haunting her. Her mother just disappeared leaving her with a grouchy father and the responsibility of taking care of her little sister. She grew up instantly because she needed to. A failed relationship made her think more that everybody she loves just ends up leaving her.

Things changed when Ivan entered their lives. He knows how to have fun. His spontaneity is the exact opposite of Elizabeth’s stiffness. He filled the voids in the lives of Elizabeth and Luke. But to make things complicated, nobody else could see him.

Reading the book tickled my imagination and made me ask myself if certain things are possible. It was as if I was reading a fairytale. I bought the book as I was craving for a love story. But this was far from a love story. More than the cheesy lines and tender moments shared by Ivan and Elizabeth, it was the story of their friendship that I was able to appreciate more.

There were some funny moments between Luke and Ivan but it wasn’t as hilarious as Love, Rosie and Thanks for the Memories. Though I think this by far has the deepest plot among the three.

Reading this book made me realize that no matter how broken and wounded we are, there will be someone who will be sent our way to help us get out of the mess we’re in. Some of them stay, some don’t. But it’s still up to us whether we let go of the hope they’ve left us once they go away. Or we hold on to that wonderful gift and make the best out of it.

Reading the book will teach you how to have fun! I feel like dancing in the rain after reading it. ^_^

Sometimes, we don’t need to see to believe....

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