Happy Birthday Boyet!

They say lightning does not strike twice. But I recently learned that it does. Something bad happened this year which made me think that we would already be exempted from it. But I was wrong. The worst part was that it happened a few days before his special day. So join me in cheering him up by greeting…

The guy who up to now still attributes my mood swings to PMS not having the slightest idea that it should only come once a month and not every other day…

The guy who still claims that he used to have Derek Ramsay’s body (bago siya sipunin)…


Cheer up baby! It was just another test. Consider it another bump in the road. At least you had a cake to blow on your birthday. Thanks Joie and Jeff! ^_^


  1. oh anu n nmn nangyari ke Boyet?! HAPPY BDAY!

  2. happy b'day to you, just follow to support you :D


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