Restaurant Review: Illustrado

Being a PLM alumnus, I spent five years inside the walled city of Intramuros. Going back there yesterday made me feel a deep sense of melancholy. I last walked on the same streets almost five years ago. A lot of things have changed. I saw a Ministop just besides the Phoenix building, which by the way is no longer called Phoenix. And I was a little distraught when I found out that the McDonald’s near Mapua is now a construction site. Our favorite sizzlingan is no longer there. And Manang who used to sell my favorite kwek-kwek was nowhere to be found.

Joie searched for places to eat but I wasn’t familiar with the places she mentioned except for one: Illustrado. The funny thing is, the place is just a few steps away from PLM but I didn’t have the slightest idea that it is a restaurant.

The waiting staff only gave us a small menu which was surprising because the guests from another table were ordering for foods which were not present on our menu.

Alaminos Longganisa Php260(?)

Alaminos longganisa is served with two eggs and fried rice. It was my first time to eat alaminos longganisa and it was surprisingly good. I liked the distinct smoky flavor and the fact that it wasn’t too oily. I am just wondering if this place has a rice shortage. I could count the grains of rice served to me. Boyet had to order for extra rice which cost us Php60!

Boyet asked for the danggit breakfast meal but it wasn’t available so he settled for the dinuguan with puto and the extra rice. The dinuguan was good but forgettable.

Dinuguan Php140(?)

Illustrado’s food did not meet up with my expectations. If there was any consolation, that would be the beverages.

Fresh Buko Juice

I never liked anything with pandan but I changed my mind after tasting their Sago’t Gulaman with Pandan.

Sago't Gulaman

My heart was just about to forgive Illustrado for the disappointing food. But when I asked Boyet to get me some toothpick from the bar, Joie shouted while pointing to the small glass that holds the toothpick. There it was, a baby cockroach strolling at the glass. Ewww!

Now I know why I spent five years in Intramuros without even noticing the place.

744 Calle Real Del Palacio,
Intramuros, Manila


  1. Hindi pla pwedeng hindi ko ipost ang comment ko dito....


  2. Yikes, so pangit na pala talaga dati pa. Tsk tsk, they should really work on improving their restaurant! Seems like the staff members aren't very good at maintaining the place.


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