A Breeze of Good Deeds #13: Authentic and Unique

I fell off the stairs yesterday. Stupid stairs! I was on the last three steps when I slipped. I was fortunate enough though that I had a good grip of the stair railings. If not, I would have knocked my head really bad which may cause the little malfunctioning organ inside it to get all wired up. Now, I cannot move my left arm because of the pressure I exerted hanging on to the railings during my fall. I won’t divulge the reason I fell. It’s just too embarrassing to do so.

Anyway, I still went to work despite the excruciating pain. Then I found this on my office mailbox. This was sent by Mhae, my ex-officemate and one of the very first friends I met from the corporate world.

Authentic and Unique

You are unique. So think like it, act like it, and make the most of it.
Breakthroughs do not come from following the crowd.
You are capable of truly great achievements if you will simply and authentically and passionately be you.
Why would you let anyone else define who you can be and what you can do?
Those are decisions that are best made by you.
You have something valuable that no one else has.
You have the unique perspective of being you, of seeing the world in a way that cannot be duplicated.
You have dreams that are yours alone, hopes, passions, things that interest you, things that make you laugh and things that make you cry.
They all combine to create outstanding opportunities for fulfillment.
In all you do, richly express the wonderful, unique person that is you.
And find joy in seeing your greatest achievements flow from your most authentic and unique efforts.

The realization from this message is more painful than the bruises caused by my fall. I am not trying to intellectualize my situation nor am I making an excuse for my stupidity yesterday. But I think God is trying to teach me a lesson.

I have been in a race, a very tiring one. This race has exhausted me too much causing me to give up my individuality. I have been trying so hard to fit in. I keep on losing and failing. I get more frustrated. I become distracted. I induce my heart with more pain. But I still race.

And so I fell yesterday. But God made sure that I fell literally so that I’ll learn my lessons.

I am authentic.

I am unique.

I have big dreams.

I have a blazing passion.

I am interesting.

I am valuable.

We all are!

P.S. God, I’ve learned my lessons. My back still hurts from the fall so please, if you want me to learn another lesson, you may go back to giving me signs instead.


  1. Back to signs? hehehehe.. a nice read :)

  2. Ok na muna sakin ang signs. Ang sakit ng literal na message e haha :p


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