Restaurant Review: Teriyaki Boy

I stayed in the office until around 8 in the evening last Thursday. The last meal I had was lunch eight hours earlier. I was already starving but I was just too tired to walk in search of a place to eat so we just settled at Teriyaki Boy. I am not really a big fan of Teriyaki Boy because if there are just two words to describe their food, it would be OILY and SALTY.

I tried their Yakisoba, the Japanese’s version of our pancit canton, for the first time. The stir-fried noodles are topped with vegetables, meat and bonito flakes. It was delightful to see the bonito flakes that are actually moving as they crumple one by one. The first two to three bites were good but the salty taste became really dominant until we finished the dish.

Yakisoba Php155

Boyet got the Yakimeshi , rice fried with vegetables and ground pork. Do I need to tell you how it was? Just look at the shiny shimmering picture and let it speak for itself.

Yakimeshi Php48

We initially asked for the Seafood Tepanyaki but the staff came back from the kitchen a few minutes after to tell us that they are out of prawns. So we changed our order to Ika Teppanyaki. I got the first bite of a squid ring and was amazed at how tender it was. I got another try and was so stupid not to notice that what I got was actually an onion ring. Hmp!

Ika Teppanyaki Php155

If there is any consolation with all my visits in Teriayki Boy, it would be their rice rolls. I am a big fan of their Philadelphia roll which is made up of salmon and cream cheese topped with bonito flakes. I remember a few visits in Teriyaki Boy just to get the Philadelphia roll.

Philadelphia roll Php210

I came home full but a little lightheaded probably brought about by a mixture of tiredness, lack of sleep and my consumption of oily foods.

Sorry for the photos. It was an impromptu dinner so I only had my camera phone at hand.

Teriyaki Boy
2nd Level Paseo Center
8757 Paseo de Roxas cor. Sedeno St.
Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila


  1. You love philadelphia roll too?
    That rice roll tastes really good! XD

  2. We'll try the Philadelphia roll next time hubby and I visit TB! :)

    You should try Chicken Ju (I think it's formerly called Chicken Don if I'm not mistaken) it's really delicious and one of their best sellers :)


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